Planar Fragments – A brief guide

In Starfall Prophecy, one of the new gearing and progression mechanics is known as “Planar Fragments”.  This system started out as a way to replace tertiary stats such as critical hit rate, attack/spell power, crit power, etc. on gear.  Thus, your gear would work for both tank and dps/heal roles, and you would just swap your planar fragment sets depending […]

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RIFT 3.7 Hotfix #18 – 10/19/2016

RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #18 10/19/2016 GENERAL * Disabled non-Autumn Harvest bosses from showing up in the Spooky Adventures IA. * Added Autumn Sap currency to all instant adventures in Gloamwood for the duration of Autumn Harvest! * The text on the following Minion Card items has been corrected: Baelnezum, Sleilun, Gambahl, and Gakakhis. * Clarified the description for the achievement […]

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