PTS Datamining – Starfall Prophecy part 1 (4.0 SPOILERS)

I hope the post title speaks for itself.  Consider this the fun Day 1 find! Overland Zones: Alittu Scatherran Forest Gedlo Badlands Xarth Mire Ashenfell Tenebrean Schism Instances: Temple of Ananke Tuath’de Coven Fortress Sieges: Fortress of the Apocalypse Xarth’s Skull Wyrd Hut (Scatherran Forest Fortress?) IAs: Plane of Life Plane of Fire Chronicles?: Simon’s Playground Finally, the MAPS! Full […]

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Starfall Prophecy patches have arrived!

Starfall Prophecy – Rift 4.0 – has been largely patched to PTS today.  We have all 3.17GB of downloaded assets, and are sifting through everything.  Awesome stuff abounds for sure! We will get a datamining article or two up as soon as we have substantial information to show. Until then, there will be tidbits posted to the new Ghar Station […]

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