Live Stream Summary – Temple of Ananke – September 23, 2016 – 4.0 Spoilers!

All credit for this summary belongs to Hepatitis@Greybriar.  Thanks for your support and providing the text for this timeline and summary! Since this is filled with spoilers, there is a TL;DR is at the bottom Link to Live Stream Eric “Ocho” Cleaver <Senior Community Relations Manager> Adam “Dakkon” Bright <Content Designer> Nick “CaptainCursor” McDowell <Certified Ice Cream Consumer> 04:06:40 – […]

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Live Stream Summary – Legendary Powers – September 16, 2016 – 4.0 Spoilers!

Link to stream Eric “Ocho” Cleaver <Senior Community Relations Manager> Chris “Keyens” Meyer <Content Designer> Trion’s Streaming desktop system’s power supply was fried during the Archeage stream, so they can’t show off stuff in-game 1:18 – Cool stuff, mage spreadsheet 1:40 – Talk about some of the forum discussion 2:00 – In the process of making ~250 legendary powers 2:15 […]

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