4.3 Quickstart Guide

4.3 lands on… Wednesday. The October 23rd PTS patch finally brings with it T2 gear available in the store, plus new upgrades for the planar crafted helmet and weapons.  Let’s quickly look at things!

Shoutout to members of The Ghar Station Discord for helping me compile this info.  Maddy & Keepro were the first there to start providing me with details.  Thank you both!

Important Notes!

  • Bastion of Steel bosses will drop Captured Intel
  • New Planar Crafted upgrades will have 325 hit
  • Upgrades for Eternal Weapons have been discussed, but will not (as of right now) be landing with 4.3’s launch.
  • Planar crafted helm and ranged weapon, being relic quality, will be better than any equivalent that might drop from Bastion of Steel (drop tables are not known at the time of this writing).
  • Autumn Harvest currency can be used to purchase a 300 hit necklace

T2 raid gear

Obtained by clearing the new Bastion of Steel raid

New currency – Legion Datagrams

T2 Armor available in store for Legion Datagrams

T2 Armor – Vostigar Champion’s set – adjusted ilvl 4350, upgrades to 5050.

  • Chest: 12000 Datagrams
  • Boots: 6000 Datagrams
  • Gloves: 6000 Datagrams
  • Legs: 12000 Datagrams
  • Shoulder: 10000 Datagrams
  • Belt: 6000 datagrams

Initial gear is a ~6% upgrade over T1 upgraded armor

Upgraded T2 is a ~23% upgrade over T1 upgraded armor

Upgrades for T2 armor cost the same:

  • 2x Prophetic Amender (Textile for Cloth/Leather, Metal for Chain/Plate)
  • 2x Storm Cell (New upgrade item, presumably from the Bastion of Steel raid)
  • 1x Cosmic Trigger

Planar Crafted Gear
2 new upgrade stages for both Helm and Ranged weapon

Both upgrades are a ~10.8% upgrade over the previous version

First new upgrade: Ethereal to Blazing (ilvl 4150 to 4600)


  • 8x Prophetic Amender (Textile for Cloth/Leather, Metal for Chain/Plate)
  • 8x Celestial Matrix
  • 1x Cosmic Trigger

Second new upgrade: Blazing to Celestial (ilvl 4600 to 5100)


  • 10x Prophetic Amender (Textile for Cloth/Leather, Metal for Chain/Plate)
  • 10x Celestial Matrix
  • 1x Stellar Trigger

Mystic Archer

Mystic archer will be available in the Rift Store for 900 credits on October 25th.  One REX, or 2 $5 credit packs should give you what is needed to purchase this.  If you have bought the recent “Mummified Power Pack” for $19.99, you should have enough credits for this.

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest begins on October 26th this year, running until November 16th this year.  Expect the same quests as usual this year, though datamining suggests we might get something new that is fully voiced.


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