4.2 Quickstart Guide

4.2 arrives on July 20th, bringing with it the new Vostigar Peaks zone, a new story questline, new story 1-man sliver, 3 new raid rifts, and Normal mode Tartaric Depths.  There’s several new gearing systems in place, and a few new things to work towards to help you gear up for higher tier raiding.

This Quickstart guide is meant to be a highlight of what to expect in 4.2.  This will not be covering Summerfest.

Rare Mob Hunting

  • Rare mobs in Vostigar Peaks appear on your compass map and the main map, making them easy to find and kill.
  • You get 2 kills per day for each rare mob in Vostigar Peaks.  The 2nd kill requires 1 Individual Reward Charge to obtain rewards.
  • Rare VP mobs drop Captured Intel, planar fragments, and a chance for Captured Intel armor.

Captured Intel Armor

  • Captured Intel is a new currency awarded for questing and participating in activities in the Vostigar Peaks zone.
  • It can be used to buy 2 new armor sets: Vostigar Aspirant’s and Vostigar Veteran’s armor.
  • Both armor sets have a rare chance to drop from rare mobs in Vostigar Peaks.
  • Aspirant’s costs 1000 captured intel, and requires Friendly notoriety with the new Utilla Resistance faction. The stats are equivalent to upgraded expert dungeon gear.  Aspirant’s gear upgrades to LFR dropped gear.
  • Veteran’s costs 8000 captured intel, and requires Decorated notoriety with the new Utilla Resistance faction.  The stats are in between LFR dropped gear and LFR Upgraded gear.  Vetran’s armor upgrades to the equivalent of Tier 1 raid store gear.
  • Veteran’s armor requires a Tenebrean Engine to upgrade!
  • Upgrades for both require an activity to be completed in Vostigar Peaks activity, 1 crafted amender, and one upgrade component.
  • All Captured Intel armor has iRotP affixes:
    • “of the Preserver” – Lowest DPS stats, highest END (tank focus)
    • “of the Hero” – Low DPS stats, moderate END (tank focus)
    • “of the Vindicator” – Moderate dps stats, low END
    • “of the Conqueror” – Higher dps stats, lower END (higher secondary stats than Vindicator)
    • “of the Overlord” – Highest dps stats, lowest END
  • You will have to rely on luck to get the right affix from these boxes.
  • The affix stays the same when the armor is upgraded.
  • Aspirant’s Armor starts at ilvl 2000, upgrades to ilvl 2350.
  • Veteran’s Armor is speculated to start at ilvl 2550, and upgrade to ilvl 3000.

Known Aspirant’s Armor upgrade requirements.  As you can see, Aspirant’s Armor is easy to upgrade just by playing in Vostigar Peaks.

  • Chest: Kill 5 zone event colossi in Vostigar Peaks
  • Glove: Kill storm legion forces in Vostigar Peaks (presumably the ones with 3.5million HP)
  • Shoulder: Clear 3 raid rifts in Vostigar Peaks
  • Legs: Kill 3 rare creatures in Vostigar Peaks

Raid Rifts

  • There are 3 raid rifts.  The lures cost 100 captured intel + 60k planarite.
  • Raid Rifts can only be opened in Vostigar Peaks
  • Raid Rifts require 2000 hit to participate.
  • The new Raid Rifts are:
    • “The Iron Legion”
    • “Decay of Ahnket”
    • “Egg of Destruction”
  • There is a daily raid rift quest – close 1 of the 3 rifts.
  • Raid rift weekly requires you to close each of the 3 raid rifts twice.  Rewards 200 captured intel, 500 tower fragments, and 2500 celestial essences, and a large amount of Utilla Resistance notoriety.

Raid Rift Loot Changes

  • Only the raid group that opens a raid rift will get the rewards for clearing it.
  • Each member of the raid group gets a total of 2 rolls on essence drops per Raid Rift.  One after clearing stage 3, and one after clearing stage 5.
  • You get a total of 6 rolls per day before you must use Individual Reward Charges (IRCs).  This means you can clear 3 raid rifts a day before you have to use IRCs to roll for more essences.
  • This also means you will have to use 2 IRCs per raid rift after clearing 3 raid rifts, one IRC per roll.

Vostigar Peaks Puzzle

  • There is a new puzzle in Vostigar Peaks.  Look over the “Dopey Opie” achievement, and contemplate it’s mysteries.
  • The reward for completion is the new artifact levitation mount.

Planar Assault Adventure Changes

  • Planar Assault Adventures has been renamed.  It is now Celestial Adventures, and includes new Gedlo badlands IAs.
  • Vostigar Peaks IAs are to arrive in August.

Normal mode Tartaric Depths

  • Normal Mode Tartaric Depths goes live with 4.2.
  • It will require 2200 hit.
  • Difficulty is on par with Intrepid: Rise of the Phoenix, and follows the same loot rules.
  • Speculated to drop ilvl 3000 armor that upgrades to ilvl 3500.

Planar Fragment Changes

  • While Planar Fragment changes were rumored to go live with 4.2, they will not be arriving with 4.2!  A live stream is scheduled for August to discuss the changes to the system, and to solicit feedback from the community.


Goals for 4.2:

  • Complete Vostigar Peaks storyline to unlock the new Maze of Steel 1-man sliver.
  • Farm captured intel through daily quests, Raid Rifts, and killing rare mobs.
  • Complete the new VP daily quests.
  • Complete weekly quests. These reward a lot of notoriety.
  • Clear 3 raid rifts a day for the essence rewards (you can get up to 6 essences this way, if you’re lucky).  Feel free to do more if you have the Individual Reward Charges to spare.
  • Save your Captured Intel for the 500 CI box gear, as this upgrades to Tier 1 store armor.

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