Welcome to The Ghar Station!

We are a MMO blog, primarily focused on data mining and news for the MMORPG Rift.  We have recently begun expanding to report on other games.

The Name

The Ghar Stations are a series of outposts within the Plane of Water in Rift.  They relay information, news, and research notes between the various Ghar researchers and groups throughout the oceans in the Plane.  Since we’re devoted to a similar cause – research of deep and hidden secrets, as well as news and other information, we’re borrowing the name.

Hopefully you will find this informative!

Who are we?

The following are responsible for the site, as well as moderation of our discord

Clowd – The owner, writer, and maintainer of this site.  He runs the discord, helps datamine Rift, writes all the articles for the site, and works as the face of The Ghar Station for everything external to the site.  He has been playing Rift on/off since Beta 2!

Imathrowback – Lead dataminer for Rift.  He has produced all of the modern tools that are used to datamine patches for both Live and PTS.  He is the sole developer of Telarafly, the Rift world and model viewer.  If you enjoy how detailed our datamining is, please thank him!

Hepatitis – One of the co-creators of the now dormant rift raids site, now turned Discord moderator.  He is a founding member of the site and Discord, and has been involved in some way since day 1!

Kira – The other Moderator for our Discord, representing the EU side of things.  She brings heart, and plenty of Magenta Rage (when appropriate, always in CAPS).