4.1 Quickstart Guide

4.1 comes with several new activities, and avenues of obtaining new best-in-slot (BiS) gear.  The exacts can be hard to remember, but thankfully Archy has assembled a quick guide giving a checklist on what to do.

I present, “Archy’s ordered list of what to do in 4.1 as a raider”, or, the 4.1 quickstart guide.  You don’t have to do these in order.

Patron Sparkle Box Monthly
Get quest in Tempest Bay
Get 500 sparkles (6 from random queue dungeon or warfront)
Eternal Weapon Quest
Grab quest outside the gates of Allitu
1st Upgrade:
– 100 Foes Tenebrian Schism
– 15 Cosmic particles in mini game
– 10 rifts
2nd upgrade:
– 50 event colossi
– 1000 invasions
– 20 rifts
3rd upgrade:
Get the Wicket minion and start levelling it with 4 hour premium missions while offline, and 1/5 minute missions while online.
Tartaric Depths
Get weekly upstairs in Alittu
Do TD until no more Individual Rewards Charges
Craft during down time
R23-JK vendor is in Allitu
Material requirements for the Weekly crafting quests for Notoriety, Bag of Crafting marks, Celestial Remnants or Tower Frags.
Runecrafting 2 Stars and 25 Dust
Apothecary 50 Xarth Extract
Outfitting 25 Starhide Leather, 25 Bolt of Starweave
Artificer 25 Xarth Fiber, 20 Ahnkite
Dreamweaving 5 Dream Bolt
Armorsmith 50x Bolidium Bar
Weaponsmith 50x Bolidium Bar

Material required for each profession’s Weekly Crafting Lure Quests are the same, but reward a a Celestial Crafting Lure.


Run Celestial Crafting Rifts
Awards Celestial Matrix and Mats for planar crafting.


Craft Planar Helm
2x Visionary Textile Amender OR 2x Visionary Metal Amender
4x Celestial Matrix
Upgrade Helm
– 4 Celestial Matrix
– 3 Visionary Textile Amender OR 3 Visionary Metal Amender
– Kill 200 mobs around Tenebrean crater
– Defeat 200 Footholds
Craft Planar Ranged Weapon
2x Visionary Ornament Amender OR 2x Visionary Weapon Amender
4x Celestial Matrix
Upgrade Wand
– 4x Celestial Matrix
– 3 Visionary Ornament Amender OR 3 Visionary Weapon Amender
– Kill 200 mobs around Tenebrean crater
– Defeat 200 Footholds
Carnival Event
Get Earrings (5 Auroral Dubloon, 1500 Glass Beads each)
Upgrade Earrings: 3x Visionary Ornament Amender
Planar Assaults
Get Weekly upstairs in Alittu
Do 30 Planar Assaults
Grab dailies and weeklies upstairs in Alittu
Do said PvP
Story Chronicles
Grab weekly upstairs in Alittu
Do 16 story chronicles (questline stories) in the week

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  • Thank you so much for this handy guide. Much appreciated! 🙂

  • How do we get the WIcket minion & what is the “mini-game” (first eternal weapon upgrade)?

    Really looking forward to tomorrow for 4.1

  • Thanks you guys are the ownz.

  • As a side note, for the 3th Eternal Weapon step, the minion Wicket started with only 5 Stamina, so you cannot sent him to 4 or 8 hours missions, at level 4 he gets an extra stamina point, for a total of 6. I don’t know when he gets another one, but it’s a very slow process at least you buy stamina with Credits 😀

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