Guide – Vostigar Peaks Puzzle – Dopey Opie

Vostigar peaks brings back a more traditional zone puzzle, this time in the form of “Dopey Opie”, a massive jump puzzle that starts at the Magician’s Tower in Vostigar Peaks.  Completing this puzzle requires one of two mounts – Opie or the new Jetpack, and a lot of their respective ability fuel.

Updated August 5, 2017 with new shortest path maps!

First, a HUGE thanks to Scanna@Gelidra for providing the pictures for this guide.  HUGE thanks to Keepro for creating a series of youtube videos to showcase this puzzle!


You NEED either Opie or the new Jetpack mount to complete this zone puzzle.  Opie was a pre-order bonus for Prophecy of Ahnket back in November. The Jetpack mount can be obtained for 16,000 Captured Intel (new VP only currency) after the completion of a small quest series.

Expect to bring at least 7315 Planar Pellets for Opie if you have perfect jumps, and 8575 Planar Pellets for Opie if you have perfect jumps AND want to complete the “Electrifying” achievement.

Jetpack fuel costs should be around 2100 fuel if you want to complete the “Electrifying” achievement.

You can obtain Jetpack Fuel from Utilla in Vostigar Peaks using Captured Intel.

Planar Pellets can be obtained by completing artifacts, or purchasing them from the Auction House.

Getting Started

Once you have the necessary fuel, it’s time to get to the start of the puzzle.  Scanna has provided a visual guide for us.

NOTE! You MUST restart the puzzle for each of the 5 segments! You will receive an item to teleport you to the beginning once you complete the following getting started jumps.

The Map

The objective of Dopey Opie is to use Opie or the Jetpack mount to jump between a huge set of floating platforms to obtain 4 keys in a specific order.  Once all 4 keys are obtained, then you can unlock the final box and claim the puzzle prize. After obtaining one key, you must run back to the start and navigate to the next key.

Along the way, there are distraction paths to complete the “Electrifying” achievement.  These paths are mostly out of the way of the main keys.

  • Red – Start point (Magician’s Tower)
  • Purple – Electrifying Achievement paths
  • Blue – Keys
  • Orange – End (Requires 4 keys to unlock the final chest)

Towers. Start at Red. Keys are at blue. Electrifying is accomplished by visiting the Purple marked towers.

Path Map

To obtain the 4 keys, you have to reach each one, then restart the puzzle. The challenge of this jump puzzle is knowing what direction to go each time you have multiple options.  The following charts, provided by Scanna, show you what paths to follow to get each key as well as accomplish the Electrified achievement!

Base map

First Key

Second Key

Third Key

Fourth Key

Path to Finish

Keepro’s Video Guide

When all else fails, consult a video guide!  Keepro has provided several video guides to show how to get all 4 keys in order, as well as a few hints of his own, over on the Rift Forums.  Click here to go check it out!


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