4.3 Quickstart Guide

4.3 lands on… Wednesday. The October 23rd PTS patch finally brings with it T2 gear available in the store, plus new upgrades for the planar crafted helmet and weapons.  Let’s quickly look at things! Shoutout to members of The Ghar Station Discord for helping me compile this info.  Maddy & Keepro were the first there to start providing me with […]

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Whew, this one took a while to finally get out.  I apologize for the delay, but real life often gets in the way of a LOT of things. This interview was conducted during Gamescom 2017, where Seshatar had an interview with Rift’s Producer – Archonix.  In a 48-minute Video (click here to view it), Seshatar and Archonix had a long […]

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