4.2 Quickstart Guide

4.2 arrives on July 20th, bringing with it the new Vostigar Peaks zone, a new story questline, new story 1-man sliver, 3 new raid rifts, and Normal mode Tartaric Depths.  There’s several new gearing systems in place, and a few new things to work towards to help you gear up for higher tier raiding. This Quickstart guide is meant to […]

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Introducing TelaraFly!

Today I would like to announce the public launch of Telara Fly! Telarafly is a Rift world and model viewer built in Unity3D, and was project born out of a reddit post to view the 3D models and worlds from RIFT.  This is the next step in The Ghar Station’s datamining endeavors! Credit goes to Imathrowback for putting in a […]

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