Torchlight Frontiers Livestream Summary: 2/14/2019

What’s this? A Torchlight Frontiers Livestream Summary? That’s right! Alpha 3 begins on March 5th, and we’ve summarized the highlights on the live stream here for you. For more details, visit

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  • Hobbs and SoFech gave us a tour of some new features
  • Alpha 3 – wipe (should be last one)
  • March 5th – 24/7 live alpha (still invite only!)
  • You MAY STREAM/Screenshot/share!
  • Newly updated Fort UI
  • Updated Mapworks from Alpha 1/2
    • New maps that you can craft
      • Goldrush (extra gold)
      • Supply run (extra gear. Stream showcase +50% bonus gear luck)
      • Skillful (challenging map with extra skill points. Stream showcased +50% skillpoint drop luck)
      • Escalated (challenging map with higher than normal gear. Stream showcased +1 item level)
    • Can now choose the frontier to go to
      • Sets you to your current frontier level for the selected Frontier
  • New Currency tab
  • Pet will sell for you (Was in Alpha 1/2, but good to remember!)
  • Pet equipment slots!
    • Collar + 2 “dogtag” slots
  • New consumables tab
  • Demonstrated a skillful map in Mapworks
  • Mapworks will get additional UI elements such as a progress bar and frontier leveling when alpha goes live
  • Frontier levels will be implemented
  • New buffs over the skillbar
  • Expert to learn more about “What makes Yapper Yapper”
  • Wardrobe Statues
  • Demo’d the improved and expanded Hyvid Frontier
  • Additional Alpha 3 features include a new Starter experience (which they did not showcase on stream, it’s a surprise) and an improved waypoint system.

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