Rift Super Quick PTS Datamining – December 15, 2018 patch (SL T1 raid info)

Real quick! New stuff has actually landed on Rift’s PTS after a long haitus.  Specifically, Rift Prime’s T1 Storm Legion content, alongside the Rift Prime Great Hunt Rifts have been patched in.  Some quick information to follow.

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The Prime SL T1 Raid LFR Requirements are the following

  • Hit: 400
  • Tank Endurance: 1000

3 raids are included in LFR for this PTS patch.  Curiously, Intrepid: Drowned Halls is not a T1 raid on Rift Prime.  

  • Endless Eclipse – Venture into the Plane of Death and defeat Regulos and his minions.
  • Frozen Tempest – Stop Crucia from opening the Infinity Gate and enslaving all of Telara.
  • Triumph of the Dragon Queen – Return hope to this fallen world by ascending the Tower of Dawn and defeating the officers that Crucia has left behind to watch over Telara.

That’s all of significance for now.

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