Another quick one, this is a small patch once again, but it appears that T1 Storm Legion raids should land on Rift Prime on December 20th, just in time for the holidays.  We’ve datamined a few small things related to this, so let’s review real fast.

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First off, we have the new LFR preview pictures for Endless Eclipse, Frozen Tempest, and Triumph of the Dragon Queen.

LFR requirements have not changed from the PTS patch previously reported.  Tanks need 1000 Endurance, and everyone needs 400 hit.

Achievements for all these raids should be available.  All raids have their mentor level set to 60.  Infernal Dawn’s mentor level will also increase to 51 with this patch.

The client-side data suggests that 4H minion missions for Fae Yule have been activated once again, though they have been given an indefinite duration.  In previous years, the timeframe was set to the start and end dates for Fae Yule.  Hopefully the team remembers to reset it at the end of Fae Yule… or we may see these missions available after the fact.

That’s all for today.  Looks like the patch machine is starting to chug once again, though far smaller than it once was.

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