Torchlight Frontiers Livestream Summary: 2/28/2019

The last stream before Alpha 3 goes live next week! We got to see some gameplay for the Forged, and a romp through a Goblin Frontier dungeon, in addition to new UI elements including the new waypoint system and new minimap!

Let’s delve into the summary notes!

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Presented by Tyler (Project Lead) and PW’s SoFech

  • Reminder! Alpha 3 – March 5th
    • Codes to go out prior to March 5th
  • New waypoint map detailing all the available zones
  • New map for Goblin and Hyvid frontiers
  • Hyvid frontier is completely revamped from Alpha 1 & 2
  • New rounded minimap
  • Parties are 4 in size
  • Limits on number of players in a zone and town
  • New music for Alpha 3
  • Gleam steelseries giveaway link:
  • Showcase new Forged abilities
    • Gave Forged more melee skills
    • Gave Forged a defensive bonus after doing a melee attack
  • New item/weapon affixes
    • Increased bleed duration
    • Increased burn duration
    • Increased item drop
  • Lots of changes to items
    • Made many affix changes. Restructured affixes to address min/max issues involving damage vs. defensive affixes.
    • Weapons should have at least 2 (3 for 2-hand) damage affixes
    • Armor now has more beneficial passive bonuses to help drive builds
    • Idea is that all active/passive skills, relic weapon, and skills should help drive your build
    • Revamped drop tables
  • 1h vs 2h – trying to make them at least on-par with each other. 2H will have slower default attacks that hit a wider area.
  • Trying to find the right balance to ensure that the heat and resource mechanics require you to balance basic attacks in addition to your resource powers
  • Really want to encourage base attacks!
  • Many bosses reset if you die. You cannot keep respawning to whittle down their health.
  • Phase being: kill and opens up a portal to a phase dungeon for phasic items that are lifebound that you lose if you die.
    • This is their iteration on a semi-hardcore mode without presenting a hardcore mode
    • Phasic Items do not go away if they are in your stash
  • More pets coming, alongside more pet gear. More details to come later.
    • Do not want to force pet min/maxxing, you should be able to play with your preferred pet
  • Legendary items show up more at higher levels and drive new looks
  • Each frontier has their own gear appearances for normal and legendary gear
  • No Transmog yet. Debating transmog vs costumes
  • No PvP, game is focused on PvE, more about you running around, finding loot, and just having fun. No competetive aspects
    • PvP has been experimented on. Not much time has been devoted to this. It will likely be a novelty/side content at best, not a major focus.
  • There will be more than 2 classes. Railman is a planned class that was revealed on prior live streams. Plan is to add more over time.
    • No concrete number of classes that the game will launch with after Beta. (This is still in Alpha!)
  • End game? Level cap of 50 in Alpha 3, but the team is not ready to elaborate on end-game quite yet. They want to provide reasons for players to play year-round and have plenty of activities for that. More to be revealed later.
  • No healer class. Action RPGs are often Solo based, you almost never see pure support classes in aRPGs like this.
  • Still want to enable some synergy between classes to work together.
  • Dusk Mage has a skill that provides buffs to yourself and allies that stand within a circle.
  • No Console alpha/beta timeframe that the team can share right now. More details regarding this will likely come in the future.
  • Plans to revamp the stats page. Currently looks “messy”. New UI Dev is working this.
  • Working towards a Free to play game. Alpha 3 is free, but invite only. Finer details about the store have not been finalized yet, nothing ready to share.
  • Lots of Frontier props are in development. The team has people that worked on Sims 1 and 2.
  • Graphically, trying to enable the game to work on low level and cheaper hardware
  • Built a system to support armor dyes. Tools have not been given to a player to enable dyes yet (WOO!)
  • No plans to talk about the structure of seasons yet.
  • Demonstrated pre-boss cutscene.
  • Team loves achievemnet systems. Not in Alpha 3. Planned feature.
  • No fishing right now.
  • Controller support is in Alpha 3! Some things may not be 100% working, but a lot should be working.
  • No item sets created right now. Some designers don’t completely like the idea of item sets.
  • Plan to have no progression resets after Alpha 3. Should be permanent through launch.
  • Item Socks are planned, as are pet skills. Neither are in Alpha 3 right now.
  • Game is on UE4, plan is to keep updating the engine as the game continues
    • Using the Deferred renderer, gives far better dynamic lighting

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