Rift 4.0: Hotfix #5 12/8/2016

New delayed patch, more bug fixes, and the arrival of Dead Simon’s puzzle dungeon!  Good luck to everyone trying to solve it and the meta puzzle.  There is a thread on the Rift Forums to discuss the puzzle, courtesy of Dior!  I have also previously datamined portions of the puzzle, including the models for several of the mazes.  Look back […]

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Welcome to the new Ghar Station!

Welcome to the new Ghar Station site!  I am slowly working on updating the site layout and restoring the remaining comment functionality, but we should be good to go soon! I also have a number station in the works! This is something we couldn’t do on the previous wordpress hosted.  Coming Soon: MANUGO!

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Guides update + Planar Fragments FAQ

The Guides section of the site has been updated with some guides from all over the place.  Have a look! So there have been multiple questions asked about planar fragments lately.  I will attempt to answer some of the most common ones here. Q: “Is there a way to determine if one secondary stat will be higher than the other […]

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