4.3 Datamining (spoilers for 4.3, Autumn Harvest, and Fae Yule)

4.3 has hit PTS and with it… holy crap, a lot of new Autumn Harvest stuff, some upcoming Fae Yule icons, alongside the Bastion of Steel raid, and the new Mage Soul – Mystic Archer.  Let’s dive in and see what has been unearthed.

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On an unrelated note, the soul stealing birb shall haunt you all for Autumn Harvest.


  • Icons! icons? ICONS!
  • New wardobe gear
  • New dimensions
  • Autumn harvest masks
  • New companion pets
  • New mounts
  • Surprises from the database
  • New slash commands

Icons! icons? ICONS!

Yes… Icons. 56 new ones in fact.  let’s break these down by category.

First up, new mounts! 9 in total here.  Though I’m not 100% positive if the final one IS a mount or not.  It seems likely.

New “Hag’s Thornwood” weapon set

New “Tuath’de Royal Robes” costume set

New Budglings

New Autumn Harvest Capes + Wings

New “Fae yule” set (I have no clue if this is Fae Yule or not yet)

New “Fae Yule” candy weapons (These were freshly datamined on October 5th)

New Autumn Harvest Masks

Bunch of new ability icons.  These have a similar color theme, and I am guessing they are related to the “Bastion of Steel” raid

Mystic Archer Soul Icon

New Wardobe gear

Now let’s take a look at the new wardobe costumes and weapons.  First up, the “Tuath’de Royal Robes” set.

“Hag’s Thornwood” weapon set

Finally, new capes and a wing set!

Autumn harvest masks

For Autumn harvest this year, we also are getting a bunch of new masks.  Let’s take a look at most of them.

New companion pets

4 new Budglings.  One of which is ready to steal your soul (ok, maybe not, but it is the basis for the creepiest mask out there).

New Mounts

New Snails, new Armored Drakes, a new Moosedantix, a Broom, and a Greenscale mount based on the Armored drakes.  That’s a nice mix! Let’s preview.

Winter Moosedantix (Probably for fae yule)

Surprises from the database

Finally, lets go over a few surprise pieces of info from our database.

  • 2 new dimensions: Kilcual and the Critter Glen
  • New zone: “Tenebrean Trouble”.  Looks like it is potentially a new puzzle dungeon?
  • New warfront: “Maze of Steel”.  The “Maze of Steel” has an entry for a warfront starting point.  I don’t have any other info regarding this right now though.

New slash commands

These were found in our data, and Doranbolt was awesome enough to test them and put together a list of what they do.

  • /helpme result: [Name] yells for Help! not sure if animation is new, not a rper
  • /guffaw result: [Name] bursts omtp a thunderous guffaw. animation same as /laugh
  • /shadowfighting result: char starts fistpumping on a loop
  • /clearfriendslist result: popup Are you sure you want to clear your friendslist? This is permanent actually works if you press okay
  • /exportfriendslist seems to generate an xml file with your friendslist note that importfriendslist is nowhere to be seen
  • /combatlogexpanded result: you can enable/disable it like the normal combat log
  • /loadplanarfragmentset <number> result: acts as the name suggests, the first set is 1


That is all for today! Ghar Station, signing off!

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