Live & PTS Datamining – Sep 20 & 21st (Autumn Harvest & Extra Life spoilers!)

More patches.  More data.  September 21st brought us a large PTS patch containing more Autumn Harvest and Extra Life goodies, in addition to 250 new Dimension items and a new dimension.  Feendish over at “The Dimension Touring Company” has posted an extensive preview of the new dimension goodies, take a look over at their site! With that, let’s dive into the new assets.


  • New Icons
  • New AH Mounts
  • Extra Life costume attire

New Icons

5 new icons have been identified, and all but 1 appear to be related to Autumn Harvest.

New Autumn Harvest Mounts

The recent patches have revealed 2 new mounts.  One of which we have the icon and assets for, and the other just the icon and data to identify it as a mount.

First, the Mummy Squirrel!  Icon is shown above.

Second, we have identified a Greenscale mount, labeled in the data as “mount_dragon_greenscale”.  Icon belowExtra Life costume attire

Finally, we have the full costume set for Extra Life 2017’s rewards.  The only thing we do not have is the costume staff (though we have the icon above).  Let’s take a look!

That’s all for today! Hopefully we will see the Greenscale mount, textured “Widow Maker” set, the Extra Life staff, and the new “Masks” here in the coming week or two!

Ghar Station, signing off!


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