RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #11 9/20/2017

Rift 4.2 Hotfix #11 lands today, bringing with it attempted fixes for Zone event boss tagging, and changes to lower the difficulty of the “Maze of Steel” mini chronicle.  The detailed list of changes for this encounters is awesome to see, and I personally hope the team is able to provide similarly detailed change notes in the future.

RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #11 9/20/2017


* Zone Events: Several changes have been made in an attempt to address the issue of the loot not being awarded consistently.
* Quest: The Maze of Steel: Changed many aspects of the fight with Ahnket and Crucia to decrease difficulty slightly:
– Fixed Ahnket’s “Ray of Obliteration” so that it will no longer be able to be cast immediately after becoming unshielded.
– Ahnket’s “Ray of Obliteration” now ticks 3 times, previously 4 times.
– Ahnket’s “Ray of Obliteration” has had its cooldown increased to 35 seconds, previously 29 seconds.
– Crucia’s “Lightning Breath” has an increased warning delay of 4 seconds, previously 2 seconds.
– Crucia’s “Thunder Blast” has had its cast time increased to 8 seconds, previously 6 seconds
– The “Shield” and “Heal” temporary abilities have been changed.
– “Shield” is no longer an absorption shield. It now mitigates 75% damage from Ray of Obliteration. Note: This ability ONLY affects Ray of Obliteration, and nothing else.
– “Shield” has had its duration increased to 8 seconds, previously 4 seconds.
– “Heal” has had the initial heal increased to 30%, previously 20%.
– “Heal” has had its heal over time effect increased to 8% health per tick, previously 5% health per tick.
– “Heal” has had its cooldown decreased to 15 seconds, previously 25 seconds.
* Fixed an issue with daily meta quests auto-completing on log out or crashing.

* Trinket: Cursed Claw: Energy Manipulation no longer consumes Claw Curse.

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