RIFT 4.1: Hotfix #2 4/4/2017

Hotfix #2 is up and ready.  Though the patch notes were released on 4/4, the actual patch is available 4/5.  The PvP daily/weekly quests are fixed, and some Quality of Life fixes are in for Tartaric Depths.  Small patch, but we did get a hotfix last week.  I expect the 4/12 hotfix to be a bit more impactful. Not stated […]

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RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #21 3/23/2017

Today is the 2nd Hotfix this month, coming after 2 weeks where no hotfix came through for a variety of reasons.  Between preparing and executing an office move, and working on the final polish passes for 4.1, it is understandable that the team over at Trion has taken so long to get a hotfix out.  Hotfix #21 unleashes new weapon […]

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RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #13 2/1/2017

Today’s hotfix brings some much needed updates to the UI for Individual Rewards and planar fragment recycling.  We also have some balancing updates, specifically to address the Maelstrom scald overpowering raids, and making Rogue weapon proc buffs no longer purgeable.  Finally, Planar Fragment data is now available to addons!  This includes the ability to recycle fragments through an addon.  Hopefully the […]

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