RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #3 8/2/2017

Rift 4.2 Hotfix #3 has arrived, bringing the new Prize Ticket section of the rift store, and a slew of bug fixes.  Commendations of renown have also received an overhaul in today’s patch, being replaced with Sigils of Valor.

RIFT 4.2: Hotfix #3 8/2/2017

* Offline guild members can once again be promoted, demoted or kicked, no matter when they last logged in.

* The prize ticket store is here! Save up your tickets to buy mounts, upgrade components, bags, ascended items, and more! Check out the new tab in the Store!
* Prize Tickets are now account wide! In order to populate a correct total, please log into all characters who have earned them. Upon logging in, that character’s Prize Tickets will be added to your account’s total.


* Primalists may now properly queue for dungeons as a support.

* Primal Fear: Now correctly places a debuff icon on targets who are stunned. This is only a buff icon change.
* Several damage bonuses provided by this soul have been adjusted to reduce their impact in other souls.
* Final Moment and Blindside have had their PVP damage reduced.


* Fixed an issue in which players who enter through the portal could get stuck inside the instance.

* Fixed a bug where Tarjulia and the Council of Fate enrage timers were not working as intended.

* Commendations of Renown and Marks of Notoriety no longer drop. Any existing Commendations and Marks can be turned in for Notoriety as they always have.
* Sigils of Valor can be purchased with Affinity once per day.
* A Sigil of Valor can be redeemed in the Rift Store for Writs of Notoriety (Boosts >> Notoriety).
* Sigils of Valor now sometimes comes from Instant Adventure boss fights and rarely from zone events.

* The lvl 70 weekly Instant Adventure quest “Planar Assault” is now credited for any Celestial Adventure completed.
* All boss fights and close Rift adventures grant Planar Defense Force notoriety.
* Celestial Adventures require a minimum level of 65 to join.


* Story Quests: Companions will now respawn for story conversations during main story quests.
* Weekly Quests: These now properly reward players on completions after the first turn in.
* Weekly Quest: Enemy of My Enemy Is…: This quest now more accurately keeps track of progress week to week.
* Quests: Playing Doctor, Watch your Step: Made the quest objectives increment for players in a party, and slightly increased the respawn rates.
* Tenon Fortress: Reduced the outgoing damage of the Legion Infantry.
* Primus Augur is now above ground and ready for action.
* Glued various floating object to the ground with industrial strength stonetouched epoxy.
* Quest: The Maze of Steel: Weapons of Mass Destruction no longer get in the way of dramatic character moments.
* Quest: Cracking the Mirror: Exiting the Simulacrum Factory early on in the quest will no longer prevent re-entry.
* Quest: Prophecy of Peace: Added a map indicator for the first objective.
* Daily Quest: Tank and Spank: This quest can now be completed as intended.
* Daily Quest: Deploy SIMBOT: Implemented a possible fix preventing players from being able to complete this quest.
* Updated several quest item tooltips.
* Fixed issues with several quests that could get stuck uncompleted or cause substantial delays for players.
* Entrances to Crucia’s underground facilities are now denoted on the minimap for quests that send you into them.
* The Legion has settled on the appropriate spelling of Auxilia for their conscription forces.

* Fixed the visual effects for the Shiny Wisps of Zoom mount.

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