PTS Datamining (Autumn Harvest + Fae Yule spoilers!)

This past week has seen daily updates to the PTS.  While a lot of them were to update the new Mystic Archer soul and the Bastion of Steel raid, a chunk of new Autumn Harvest and Fae Yule assets found their way onto the PTS.  We have new mounts, a new Autumn Harvest cape, a host of new Dimension items for Fae Yule, and icons hinting at things to come.  let’s dive in!


  • New Icons
  • New Autumn harvest cape
  • New Mounts
  • New Dimension stuffs
  • Database Secrets

New Icons

First up, a winter version of the “Tuath’de Royal Robes” costume.  I suspect this is for Fae Yule

2 new capes, plus a new set of wings.  The wings seem to be labeled “crystal_wings_014”.

New mount icon.  Fae Yule… Bogling… elf…What the? Uh… let’s look at mount

New Autumn harvest cape

Finally, got the new autumn harvest cape in.  This one was using the shaman cape as a temporary texture, until this week.

New mounts

The surprises continue.  First with the “Ghost” coloration of the common snail mount.

And now… the Fae Yule Bogling mount.

I suppose you ride in his present sack.  As we can see, it isn’t fully textured yet, seems to be the case for most of the Fae Yule stuff that has models right now.

New dimension stuffs

New Autumn harvest dimension banners are in!

Next up, a few new Fae Yule dimension items.  Like the bogling mount, some of these are not completely textured.  Instead, we will show off a few that are textured, then a list of what Fae Yule dimension items we have datamined so far.

New dimension items.  By no means is this a complete list, and it is not guaranteed that these will be the final names for the items (these are just the 3D model names)
  • gingerbread_cookie_square_03
  • gingerbread_candy_peppermint_pillar
  • gingerbread_cookie_square
  • gingerbread_candy_gummy_white
  • gingerbread_cookie_round_03
  • gingerbread_window
  • gingerbread_candy_gummy_green
  • gingerbread_candy_peppermint
  • gingerbread_cookie_round_02
  • gingerbread_cookie_square_02
  • gingerbread_candy_gummy_red
  • gingerbread_candy
  • gingerbread_wall_back
  • gingerbread_door
  • gingerbread_wall_interior
  • gingerbread_chimney
  • gingerbread_roof
  • gingerbread_floor
  • gingerbread_house
  • gingerbread_wall_side
  • gingerbread_wall_front


Database Secrets

Finally, we have some analysis of the Rift client-side database, and a few new things within.

Mummified Power Pack – “Unlocks Wraps the Mummified Squirrel, 4 Packs of Individual Charges and 2 Challenger’s Marks, 3,000 credits and 15 days of Patron time.” – Squirrel power pack confirmed, now with patron! (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is now available in-game for $19.99)

Bonus: Gain 5 Bundle of Limited Edition: Magical Broom Troves with your first purchase of a $49.99, €49.99 or £38.49 credit pack. – The broom mount is the new lockbox for Autumn Harvest.

Looks like the Creator’s program will be getting some new stuff, too.

“Here’s Your Creator Program Companion!” “An ally for your creative adventures.”

Levitate creator reward mount?
4.3 Login Reward Box – seems we will be getting some new login goodies.  Looks like it’s set to run October 25th through November 30th
That’s all for Today.  Ghar station, signing off!



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