Live Stream Summary – September 29th, 2017

September 29th’s live stream focused on some Autumn Harvest details, and allowed the twitch chat to submit questions.  The results are summarized here. Thanks to DarkDaemon over on The Ghar Station Discord for putting these together!

Remember, things are always subject to change! The details here should be taken as a work in progress, and could change once things hit live!

  • Fashion Contest winner outfits available next week’s patch – 1400 credits
  • Costume sale as well – half off, previous fashion week bundles coming back (with autumn harvest?)
  • For Extra Life – Raising certain dollar amounts as part of the Trion Worlds Super Team will bring a variety of rewards. More details at….page&id=1268#
  • Autumn harvest mask preview (one of many):
  • Datamined “Widow Maker” (see the datamining post here) set is NOT the reward for the 1600 artifact set
  • Puzzle rifts did not work out
  • Working on new puzzle dungeon – artists have been working on a dungeon set for Deadsimon. No scoria-like grind
  • Discussion on Puzzle warfronts (this was a jokeish suggestion on live stream chat)
  • Info for 4.3 coming soon – will probably be before Halloween (so will Autumn Harvest)
  • No updates on the planar fragment rework – won’t have news for a bit
  • Roughraptor’s dev avatar (dinosaur) getting a buff – will drop eternals
  • Cheaper fragments on short-list (primarily at infusion level 9+)
  • 10 man on PTS soon – will be on live before Halloween
  • Hiding other player’s spell effects – discussed
  • Guild updates not coming with 4.3, but they are not forgotten!
  • Bastion of Steel (New Tier 2 raid) will NOT have an LFR mode (at least at launch)

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