Livestream Summary – July 21, 2017

Friday’s live stream was focused on Summerfest.  Aside from new store items and a new Seal you can buy using the summerfest currency, the event itself is unchanged compared to previous years.  With that, let’s dive into the live stream summary.

Today’s summary is provided by Mizuki Ayu!  Thank you for your contribution!



Starts at 5:40


6:50 – Apex Predator does work for Predators and is a known bug.


7:35 – Game of Chess questline has been fixed, should already be on Live servers. EU still has missing NPCs in the zone and the Devs are working hard to fix that.


8:25 – PvP Nerf incoming for Predators.


9:50 – Shows off the new Carriage Livery outfit on a Bahmi Male.


11:15 – Shows off some of the new Coral weapons, a Faerie Catcher back wardrobe, and the new weapon runes that add VFX. Can be applied directly to wardrobe.


14:54 – Shows off the new lockbox mount, the Spectral Carriage, in case you missed it in last week’s live stream.


15:35 – Prize Tickets, a new currency from lockboxes, will be spendable next week when the store opens. Old lockbox mounts will be available on rotation for Prize Tickets.


16:25 – Lockboxes pull from set loot tables based on certain themes, such as Mounts, Dimensions, PvP, Artifacts, and more.


18:17 – Artifacts from minions and caches now include up to the new Prophecy of Ahnket sets


19:00 – Shows off the new Summerfest pet, Heliacia and the new Summerfest Dimension key, Turnis River Bunker.


20:00 – Vostigar Peaks’ Uttila Resistance faction has new dimension items and more will be available in the upcoming weeks.


24:02 – Vostigar Peaks Zone Events are disabled until boss balance and bugs are fixed.


24:21 – Wilds Pack Loyalty bug should be fixed, anyone who purchased and didn’t receive Loyalty will be manually granted it.


26:42 – Old souls likely to be reworked, Keyens would like to start with Dominator


29:27 – No new Summerfest quests in the Celestial Lands, just the same old ones in Mathosia, Storm Legion, and Nightmare Tide.

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