Livestream Summary – October 28th, 2016

This week’s Livestream Summary is brought to you by Archyface on the forums.  Thanks Archy!  you can see the original post here.

Visionary is the new tier of crafting, costing ~52 plat to train – new ap of 525

8mins: Runes on 3 slots – Chest, Seal, weapon (1H, 2H, offhand)
Dream Orbs, 2 slots – Helmet, Belt
New runes and dream orbs can only be used on level 66+ gear.  Level 66+ gear cannot use older orbs or runes!

10mins: new cairns an purses are on the to do list

11mins: Guild update coming in 4.1. New quests, dimensions, pretty much all the guild updates will happen in 4.1.  Guild XP to hit 30 will be reduced

13mins: No new bounty mobs, new rares have been added though

14mins: Will guilds ever have more than 1 dim active at one time? Not currently planned, but not saying it’s impossible

15min: Chest rune will be primary stat only
Seal runes will be specific for dps or tanking.

16min: Will hit still be relevant? “Yes, it will. Hit will be the same as it is on live now in terms of a system. I was debating on changing it but I think we are somewhat stuck with it.” (Ghar Station: I was personally hoping that Hit would be removed… oh well.)

18min: Lets see some dimension stuff then.
Khort, Ovog Shrine, Centre of Oblivion will be the new dimensions

Minions: 8 hour and 4 hour mission rewards have been increased, 5min and 15mins have been reduced.

21min: Not currently developing any phone apps

22mins: 2 Slots of dream orbs currently in effect, for head and belt. Current available NMT runes will not be useable on 4.0 runes.

26mins: Giveaways
SFP Standard – SovereignHerald
27 mins: SFP Standard – benwinOTG
28 mins: SFP Standard – Kiwidream
29 mins: SFP Deluxe – lemetalk2sampson
31 mins: Necro Budgie – Insanetium, Black_males, Tormented_gamer, bobo1214, rolf1001
34 mins: Opie + 1000 pellets – mvtech, Sahtiar, ropeek

38 mins: Where are the puzzles so we can test them? Look harder. Search around Alittu (or ask Boase)
39 mins: Showing off Eternal weapons

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