Live Stream Summary – Autumn Harvest & Legendary Powers – October 14, 2016

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Thank you to Archyface on the Rift Forums for posting this! You can find his original post here.  As a reminder, we have a Legendary Powers spreadsheet that is VERY slowly being updated, you can view it here.  This live stream was very light on Autumn Harvest content, mainly because the event has already started by the time of this stream.

1:01:50 Start
1:02:52 Introductions finished
1:03:00 Autumn Harvest
1:03:50 no grab bags
1:05:22 4 hour seasonal missions have mats (since no more grab bags)
1:06:00 talk about new outfits
1:11:00 View of the new dead budgie mount
1:15:00 Autumn Harvest extra bits / Bronze Tomb dimension mention
1:16:00 64 bit will be able to be toggled through glyph
Autumn harvest finished November 3rd
1:17:30 Legendary Powers
1:18:00 SFP boxes bought with SFP tokens will be openable on the expansion
1:18:10 Cleric Legendary Powers
1:19:30 Inquisitor
Bolt of Judgment. Passive. Non inquisitor abilities have a chance to fire a Bolt of Judgment at the target dealing 22999 to 25420 Life Damage
Sanction Heretic – Deals 18685 to 20653 Life Damage. Applies Sanction, dealing an additional 20774 Life damage over 15s. If less than 6s remain on Sanction, non Inquisitor damaging abilities will refresh it.
Radical Coalescence – Resets the cooldown on all damaging Inquisitor abilities. Grants Fanaticism and 4 stacks of Life and Death Concord. Allows inquisitor channeled abilities to be cast while moving and tick twice as often for 10s
Bolt of Retribution – Deals 27599 to 30504 Life damage. Has a 30% chance to reset the cooldown on your Inquisitor channels
Perseverance – Grants immunity to the next fear. Lasts 60s. Resets the cooldown on all your Inquisitor Channeled abilities

1:22:00 Defiler
Rage Extraction – Deals 47368 death damage over 24s. Restores 2579 health to the Cleric at the same time. Counts as a Rage effect. Has a 40% chance to grant a stack of Rage every tick. Rage stacks on you increase healing received by 1% per stack and reduce incoming damage by 1% per stack.
Aggressive Avarice – Deals 25641 to 25641 Death damage. Damage increased by 2.5% for every stack of Greed that you have. This bonus is doubled for each additional stack you gain past the first. Cast time is reduced for every stack of Greed you have. Removes all stacks of Greed. Each stack of Greed removed heals you for 6% of your max health.
Miserly Affliction – Deals 57893 death damage over 18s. Counts as a Greed effect. Has a 60% chance to grant a stack of Greed each tick. Consumes 10% health when cast. When Miserly Affliction ticks, it ticks an additional time for each Rage effect on the target.
Unstable Transformation – Increases damage dealt by 20% Reduces damage taken by 50% Increases healing and absorption received by 50%. When hit, restores 2806 to 3102 health. Aggressive Avarice and Explosive Rage consume only a single stack of Greed or Rage while this effect is active. Explosive Rage has no cooldown while this effect is active. Lasts 10s.
Pain Transmission – Deals 47098 death damage, divided evenly between up to 5 enemies within 7m of the Cleric’s target. Counts as a rage effect. Grants 5 stacks of Rage.

1:24:10 Shaman
Crushing Blow – deals 8367 to 9247 damage. Applies Twisted Soul (Minor). Twisted Soul (Minor) reduces single target received by 15% for 6 seconds. Increases the damage of the next cast time spell you cast by 40%.
CB should also have increased range.
Glacial Shield – Absorbs 85% of incoming damage, up to 3358 damage. Deals 1049 Water damage to attackers when hit. Lasts 30s. While Glacial Shield is active, your Jolt deals 100% increased damage.
Icy Blow – Deals 8367 to 9247 water damage. Increases all Air damage you deal by 10% for 8 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times.
Deep Freeze – Lose the stun, to gain much more uptime on this ability.

1:26:30 Sentinel
Bolt of Light – Deals x life damage. The target takes 15% more damage from your non Sentinel abilities for 15 seconds.
Banish – Deals 27548 Life damage over 15s. Your non sentinel abilities have a chance to apply Banish to your target.
Healing Communion – Restores 1123 – 1241 health on up to 10 party or raid members. Restores 1% of your mana for each target hit.
Fullness of Life – Restores health equal to 100% of the Cleric’s Maximum Health split evenly between the 3 raid members with the lowest health.
Sentinel moving into a split heal…. not full aoe, not full ST.
Light of Redemption – Restores 1079 to 1182 health to the target whenever the Cleric casts an Invocation. Applies Redeemed to the target for 16 seconds, reducing the damage they take. When your Light of Redemption heals, it heals all targets with Redemption on them.

1:29:00 Purifier
Flames of Life reworked (both normal and legendary)
Normal – Your target takes 50% reduced incoming damage for 15 seconds. The remaining 50% damqage they would have taken is divided among remaining raid members
Legendary – As Normal PLUS: The damage is divided as if you have 20 raid members alive regardless of how many you have.
This is post mitigation
Flash of the Phoenix – Brings the fallen ally back to life, restoring 50% health and mana. Usable in combat. If cast on a living ally they cannot die for 6 seconds. When this effect ends they are healed for 30% of their health.
Ward of Fire – Applies burst of fire to target ally, causing 10% of your max health in damage in an area around them for every second. Increases the damage target ally deals by 15%. Lasts 10s. This effect ends early if the target drops below 50% health.
Caregiver’s Blessing – Causes single target healing and absorption spells to apply Caregiver’s Blessing for 10s. Absorbs 85% of incoming damage, up to 938 damage. Non purifier damaging abilities have a chance to apply Caregiver’s Blessing to allies near the Cleric. Lasts 1h

1:33:50 Dervish
Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent – Channel your Primal Avatar, increasing your damage dealt by 60%, increasing your range with Dervish abilities to 35m, and reducing your cast times to 0. Every 10 seconds you lose 10% of the damage bonus. Lasts 60s. Grants full Cunning.
Seismic Smash – Deals 18505 to 18879 Earth damage. Moves Focus 20 points towards Cunning. Increases the damage of your next 3 Air Cutter casts by 35% and the damage of your next 3 non Dervish attacks by 20%
Font of Savagery – When you critically hit, your damage and healing are increased by 15% for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. You may only have 1 Font buff active at a time.
Tectonic Spike – Deals 32408 to 33062 Earth damage. Moves Focus 20 points towards Cunning. Always grants 2 stacks of Tremor. Passively increases the number of stacks of Tremor you may have and the base damage of Aftershock by 100%
Earthfall – Normal PLUS: Deals incredible bonus damage at 100 Fury.

1:36:20 Vulcanist
Fury Blast – Normal PLUS: Pushes focus to perfect harmony when used. Can only be used in Fury. Deals increased damage the closer you are to full Fury when cast.
Molten Wave – Normal PLUS: ALL Fire damage now benefits from the debuff
Vorpal Salvo – Normal PLUS: Deals double damage when not in Fury.
Ethereal Beam – Normal PLUS: Counts as both a Fire and Earth ability

1:38:10 Titan
Essence Strike – PLUS: Marks the target for 12 seconds. Allies who strike the marked target will be healed and have all incoming healing on them increased by 5%
Crystalline Smash – PLUS: This shield is reapplied after 5 seconds
Epicenter – PLUS: Affected target deals 15% less damage for 12 seconds
Upheaval – PLUS: Foes damaged by this ability deal 15% less damage for 12 seconds.
Primal Avatar: Ram – PLUS: Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds each time you take damage. This may only trigger once every 3 seconds.

1:41:30 Maelstrom
Scald – PLUS: Causes the target to take 15% more elemental damage from your non Maelstrom abilities
Effervescent Blast – PLUS: Consuming Effervescence increases the damage of this ability by 40% per charge available
Flamewalker – PLUS: Fully channeling this ability increases your Fire damage by 30% for 20 seconds
Vaporize – PLUS: Makes Vaporize instant
Primal Avatar: Thresher – PLUS: Grants 20 stacks of Building Pressure on cast AND when this effect expires

1:43:00 MAGE
1:43:45 Archon
Searing Vitality – PLUS: Increases damage taken from Non-Archon abilities by 5%
Shared Vigor – Shared Vigor now procs off of Non-Archon damaging Abilities
Illuminate – Each time this effect is triggered you are granted a stack of Illuminated Earth, which increases the damage of your next Pillaging Stone by 10%. Stacks 20 times.
Patron’s Rage – PLUS: Refreshes all active Archon Auras on the Mage instantly OR casts them if they are not already active. Moving does not interrupt channeling this ability.
Flaring Power (now a 61-point!) – Increases damage by 10% on all party or raid members for 60s

1:46:20 Pyro
Flame Bolt – PLUS: Applies Vapor Trail to the Mage which increases the damage of the next non-Fire spell by 20%
Internalize Charge – PLUS: Abilities do not cost Charge while active
Fire Storm – PLUS: Enemies caught inside of the area take 10% more damage from Fire sources
Flame Volley – PLUS: Can chain up to 3 additional enemies within 15metres of the target
Fusillade – PLUS: At the end of the channel, casts Fulminate on the target

1:48:10 Chloro
Radiant Spores – Deals 13311 Life damage to the target over 16s while generating increased threat
Bloom – Instant, no GCD. No longer castable. Taking damage will cast Bloom on you for 5% of the damage taken to a cap of 5% of your Max Health
Blight – Removes all heal over time effects and ABSORB shields. Applies Twisted Soul (Minor)
Healing Torrent – PLUS: This ability is instant if the target is below 50% Health
Living Aegis – PLUS: Healing spells have a chance to make your next Ruin instant

1:51:00 Dominator
Neural Prod – PLUS: Increases the damage done by your next non-Dominator ability by 20%. Lasts for 30s
Reflective Command – Now lasts 20s instead of 10s, which is the duration of its cooldown
Death’s Edict – While under the affect of Death’s Edict, the target cannot receive healing
Malevolent bolt – PLUS: 20% chance to make your next Malevolent Bolt instant
Pain Armor – PLUS: When damaged by a single target ability, reflects 10% of incoming damage back to the attacker and has a chance to convert the reflected damage into an absorb shield on the Dominator.

Cannot respec Legendaries on the fly.

1:53:15 Harbinger
Storm Slash – PLUS: increases the damage of your next non-Harbinger ability by 20%. Lasts 30s
Charged Blade – Now affects all abilities (not just slashing)
Vengeful Shock – PLUS: Has a chance to cast another Vengeful Shock immediately
Reaper’s Blade – Possibly not updated.
Empyrean Ascension – PLUS: Damaging abilities have a small chance to reset the cooldown of this ability.

1:55:30 Frostkeeper
Ground Zero – now a 2 minute cooldown, lasting 15 seconds
Earthen Renewal – PLUS: Instant and off GCD
Eternal Preservation – PLUS: The effect persist for 5s after the channel has ended
Transcendent Abjuration – PLUS: Your next two Hail Blasts deal 500% more damage
Rime – PLUS: Dealing damage with Non-Frostkeeper abilities have a chance to trigger Legendary Rime on the Mage. Can only occur once every 10s

1:58:00 Giveaway

Raging Storm – PLUS: Can be cast while moving
Ride the Wind – PLUS: Applies Rushing Wind to the Mage which makes their next cast time spell instant
Gathering Storm – PLUS: a stack of electrified per second
Lightning Arc – PLUS: Damage is increased by 10% for each stack of Electrified on the Mage and consumes all of these

Void Barrage – PLUS: Casts all known death damage over time effects on the enemy
Life Leech – PLUS: Non-Warlock damaging spells have a chance to refresh the duration of Life Leech
Neddra’s Grasp – PLUS: When an enemy is damaged by Neddra’s Grasp, they gain Lingering Torment which increases damage taken by Warlock abilities
Conflux – Causes the mage’s next 10 Death based damge over time effects to deal an additional 3888 to 4297 Death damage when they are applied. Their duration and tick times are also halved.
Draining Bolt – PLUS: Non-Warlock damaging spells cast reduce the cooldown of Draining Bolt by 2s

2:03:44 Elementalist
Elemental Burst – PLUS: Has a 60% chance to trigger an echo, automatically casting the spell at the target again. This may trigger up to 3 times per cast.
Crystalline Missiles – PLUS: Is now instant
Elemental Forces – Deals all four elemental types rather than 1 random one
Rushing Elements – PLUS: Applies all of your Elemental Cycles on cast.
Prismatic Volley – PLUS: On cast, if you have 4 elemental cycles you trigger a Prismatic Cycle, increasing all elementalist damage by 40% for 20 seconds

2:05:50 Necromancer
Plague Bolt – PLUS: Non-necromancer damaging abilities put a stack of Plague Carrier on the Mage. For each stack of Plague Carrier, Plague Bolt has its casting time reduced by 16% and deals 10% more damage. Stacks up to 3 times.
Grave Rot – PLUS: Also reduces enemies’ movement speed by 30%
Reaper’s Touch – Each time this ability deals damage it adds a stack of Deathly Calling
Soul Bond – No tooltip change

2:06:20 Arbiter
Biting Wind – PLUS: If cast while Arcane Ward is not active, applies a 30% snare to the target
Swirling Winds – PLUS: Restores 100 charge at the end of duration

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