Live Stream Summary – Xarth Mire – September 9, 2016 – 4.0 Spoilers!

All credit for this summary belongs to Hepatitis@Greybriar.  Thanks for your support and providing the text for this timeline and summary!

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  • Eric “Ocho” Cleaver <Senior Community Relations Manager>
  • Nick “CaptainCursor” McDowell <Certified Mead Consumer>
  • Rich “Icarus” Byon <Designer>
  • Simon “Dead Simon” Ffinch <Director of Development>

04:02:50 – Rift Start – Xarth Mire Walkthrough
04:04:50 – MMORPG – Best in Show for PAX Announced
04:05:05 – New character select screen for Starfall Prophecy shown (Same screen with or without expansion)
04:07:10 – Discussion about putting wardrobe on character select screen
04:07:40 – At Scatherran Forrest Porticulum – Tristain <Prince of the Tuath’de> and Scub <Tristain’s Slave>
04:08:12 – Early map of Xarth Mire – Home of the Tuath’de
04:08:20 – CaptainCursor explains Xarth Mire creation – An Akvan named Xarth fell and the Tuath’de drained it for it’s dark magic, making the mire a dark, evil and “fetid” place.
04:09:40 – Alicorn Aisles explaination from CaptainCursor. The Tuath’de cut off unicorn horns for power and Alicorns are what happens to unicorns afterwards.
04:10:30 – CaptainCursor requests a Frouge (a frog type creature) LINK
04:12:30 – Green Mother – Greenscale’s wife. Spawner of frog-like whelps throughout Xarth Mire.
04:13:40 – Green Mother was summoned by the boglings of “Bailghol”
04:15:00 – Plant mobs with similar models as before in Xarth Mire. CaptainCursor explains there will be mobs that pause in place. There will be “flytraps”.
04:15:35 – Xarth Mire “placeholder” map
04:16:00 – Boglings are slaves of the Tuath’de
04:16:35 – Boglings are summoning The Green Mother so she can give them the gift of death
04:18:00 – Water jump buff will NOT be in Xarth Mire
04:19:50 – Entering bogling city – Bailghol
04:20:00 – Porticulum in Bailghol
04:21:30 – CaptainCursor talks about interactions between summoning The Green Mother and the Tuath’de trying to thwart that with a Frouvharheriquir’de.
04:22:00 – DeadSimon finds places for artifacts
04:24:30 – The Puzzle Dungeon is mentioned briefly
04:25:45 – “Lets go visit the giant skull”
04:25:55 – “Crazy” Queen Una lives in the skull
04:26:00 – Explaination of how the Tuath’de were the stewards of the gods until Xarth fell and they bled him for his power and they decided they would never stop doing this to creatures of magic.
04:27:50 – PvP fortress siege will be of The Xarth Skull. You’ll attack Queen Una with the assistance of “a helpful bogling”
04:28:30 – Dead Simon dies in Queen Una’s garden by a pack of mini-Hericius.
04:28:50 – Three different difficulties of Fortress siege: Open World “ring”, 5-man difficulty “ring”, 10-man difficulty “ring”, then a 10-man type of “encounter”.
04:29:50 – Showing the Xarth Skull entrance
04:30:35 – “This would make a cool dimension”
04:31:00 – Dead Simon plots a way to place artifacts on the skull.
04:31:30 – Inside the skull
04:32:30 – High level view of placeholder maps with comparison to other zones.
04:35:25 – May or may not be cannons in fortress siege but they sound funny right now
04:26:00 – Going to visit planes of fire and life in “planar assault adventures”
04:36:25 – Explanation of why they won’t be focusing on “just” a single plane in the future. “People got sick of fishes and coral reefs”
04:37:20 – “Still working on 64-bit”
04:38:00 – Cave discussion. One cave is where all the whelps went to hide. One cave is The Green Mother’s Lair.
04:38:40 – The Green Mother will be a new zone or raid instance, probably in Xarth Mire
04:38:50 – Will make it easier to level guilds “with more cool stuff later”
04:40:00 – CaptainCursor and Dead Simon discuss the killing of Simon’s “favorite character’s best friend”
04:40:35 – There will be no Crucia, but some of her “friends” will be there.
04:41:20 – Showcasing glass bridge to Ahnket and CaptainCursor’s acrophobia.
04:41:35 – Item upgrades will be more varied in Starfall Prophecy compared to Nightmare Tide
04:42:50 – There’s nothing at the bottom of Ahnket’s tower. They intend it to be a falling death zone.
04:44:20 – Not all zones will be open at release.
04:45:00 – a glimpse at The Puzzle Dungeon
04:46:00 – Ocho gives away prizes while Dead Simon shows off The Puzzle Dungeon
04:52:45 – Six main puzzles and a giant “meta thing”. Plus other mini-puzzle-type-things
04:53:20 – There will be six outfits for completing the puzzles “you’ll know they’re as insane as I am”
04:54:29 – Rift End

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