Live Stream Summary – Temple of Ananke – September 23, 2016 – 4.0 Spoilers!

All credit for this summary belongs to Hepatitis@Greybriar.  Thanks for your support and providing the text for this timeline and summary!

Since this is filled with spoilers, there is a TL;DR is at the bottom

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  • Eric “Ocho” Cleaver <Senior Community Relations Manager>
  • Adam “Dakkon” Bright <Content Designer>
  • Nick “CaptainCursor” McDowell <Certified Ice Cream Consumer>

04:06:40 – Start – CaptainCursor eating ice cream – Ice cream day
04:07:30 – Temple of Ananke (Pronounced Anon-kay)
04:07:35 – 5-man fire based instance
04:07:40 – The Ascended need to stop Ananke, the prophet of Aia
04:08:50 – Partial map with Alittu in the middle – Dungeon is in Ashenfell, the second fire zone and the last zone in SP
04:09:05 – Zones into instance and immediately attacked by rock golems (mob name illegible). RoughRaptors/SupermanSocks is tanking.
04:10:20 – Reading of prophecy.
04:11:20 – Tasuil entrance
04:11:40 – CC, “Tasuil is the dragon you found with Atrophinius and raised in The Dendrome. Who took the name of Atrophinius’ best friend.”
04:12:09 – CC, “Tasuil is the only friendly dragon THAT WE KNOW OF.”
04:12:50 – These are all Aliviax devils. The messengers that were bound to fate back and the beginning of fate and broke with Aia. Some of them can still see fate. Now that Aia has been cast out of the vigil the devils aren’t hostile towards her.
04:13:23 – It’s noted that RoughRaptors used “dev hax” to give 140 stacks of “Dev Damage and Healing bonus” in order to give make sure they get through the instance in one piece.
04:13:55 – CC mentions the new “blue glowing crysals” as something he likes as a new addition. (Expect these as dimension items eventually.)
04:14:20 – How to get “Dev Hax”:
04:14:35 – Introduction to Gristlespitt and discussion of boss mechanics
04:17:05 – Dev nuke kills Gristlespitt
04:17:15 – Loot: Blue Earring and Helm
04:17:20 – The voice acting is all recorded, but needs to be processed
04:17:45 – CC leaves Tasuil behind. “We’re players, we’re not waiting around for this…lore.”
04:18:05 – Grimm wants to do a voice over…with a country accent.
04:18:15 – Yes, there will be a live beta for the expansion.
04:18:25 – This will be a regular dungeon and an expert.
04:18:30 – Introduction to Killthraxus and discussion of boss mechanics
04:19:10 – Ocho does not do voice acting, but a concept artist does; Steven “Dracoonus”(SP).
04:19:15 – How do they do the bosses? They generally assign a boss to each team member and they work on them independently. Adam likes to focus on matching the bosses to the style of instance.
04:20:25 – Actor Jackie Earle Haley is mentioned. Nobody knows who that is.
04:20:35 – Killthraxus dies
04:20:36 – Loot: Blue ring and shoulders
04:20:40 – Jackie Earle Haley is related to Preacher. None of them have watched the show, but Ocho has read the comics.
04:21:05 – Ocho and CC talk about Tasuil. Ocho notices an attitude change. CC replies, “Even with the ascended it’s a bit of a spiritual danger.”
04:21:25 – Will go over the new loot system in a future stream.
04:21:30 – Ocho states there’s another term for these rewards.
04:22:00 – Lord Draveneaux engaged.
04:22:05 – New loot system: Individual Rewards
04:22:10 – Pronounced “Dray-ven-oh”
04:22:20 – Talks about Lord Draveneaux being Ananke’s second in command. “The scalebreaker”. He’s broken several dragons to work for The Alaviax in order to stay free of Maelforge’s power.
04:24:10 – Lord Draveneaux killed.
04:24:11 – Loot: Blue belt and trinket
04:24:30 – Loot has not been finalized.
04:24:40 – Very limited use of current currencies in expansion.
04:25:22 – MMMEEEEEAAAAA…Octoberfest beer…
04:25:50 – Beta is “soon”
04:26:10 – Ananke Engaged for Maelfernus fight
04:26:20 – CC states Gingers said Ahnket didn’t turn out anything like she had imagined. Looks nothing like a woman.
04:26:40 – There will be a later stream that talks about PvP
04:27:00 – Ocho mentions RP on Seastone.
04:27:25 – Someone wants a fairy dragon pet. CC states we don’t have fairy dragons.
04:27:50 – Talk about making Ananke a full body skin.
04:28:00 – Someone asks if we can kill Tasuil to shut him up.
04:28:10 – You do get the option to attack him.
04:28:20 – Can we have a lore skip crystal? Yes.
04:29:50 – This is the first dungeon Adam has ever done as a designer.
04:30:30 – Maelfernus dies
04:30:31 – Loot: Gloves and Neck
04:31:50 – Engaging Ananke and Maelderoth
04:31:50 – Planar Fragments UI next week’s livestream
04:33:00 – Adam vaguely explains how Tasuil becomes Maelderoth
04:33:35 – A joke is made about 1 button specs, particularly Elementalist
04:36:00 – Question about Extra Live where Vladd appears on stream and RoughRaptors gets his head shaved. Ocho would bring in his own clippers if that happens.
04:36:50 – Not sure if 4.0 will release before, during or after Extra Life.
04:37:45 – Adam notes that they should be wiping by now, so they insta-kill the bosses.
04:37:56 – Loot: Weapon and Chest
04:39:05 – Level 65 boost will be available day one of expansion.
04:39:10 – Able to mount in the dungeon – Begin tour of the zone to sight see the beautiful flamescaping.
04:39:40 – Captain Cursor ports to Alittu and starts running around
04:39:38 – Adam is currently working on putting the achievements into the dungeon.
04:39:45 – For BOTH Starfall Prophecy dungeons there will be alternate wing conditions that relate to boss achievements.
04:40:30 – Adam talks about how creating more difficult, technical bosses is more rewarding than making mindless tank and spank bosses.
04:41:00 – CC didn’t much like beating up Tasuil, but really enjoyed working with the prophecies. Killthraxas was his favorite.
04:41:55 – SQUIRREL MOBS! They look to be flametails.
04:42:25 – Second dungeon should be on livestream in a couple weeks or Soon!(tm). Tuath’de Coven
04:43:10 – There will be no squirrelicorn mobs. However, there will be a squirrelicorn related quest where you ride one.
04:43:30 – Givaways.
04:44:15 – CC finds a giant cosmic horse mob. (Aurora/Nebula model)
04:46:00 – End

Tasuil and Dead Simon
On a previous livestream there was a conversation between Dead Simon and Captain Cursor talking about CC killing off his favorite character in 4.0. CC corrected him and stated he didn’t kill off his favorite character but his favorite character’s best friend. If 1+1=Tasuil, then Dead Simon’s favorite character is Atrophinius. (Technically not all the way dead, just the flesh is dead. The soul remains with the soul of flame. They sort of merged.)

Dungeon Appearance
Inside is similar appearance in design to CoA fire wing meets something similar to the area outside of Gyel Fortress. Near the entrance you’ll note a stack of metal plates identical to those found in Gyel Fortress. As the instance goes on it looks less mechanical and more demonic until you get to the final room, which has two giant demon heads on the back walls. Very reminiscent of something with Maelforge.

Alittu Appearance:
Very much like Comet of Ahnket in appearance, but with vendors and such. Outside of Alittu has the Ahnket tower centralized. The zone itself is a desert, but doesn’t quite look as desolate as previous desert zones.

Scatheran Forrest Appearance:
This place looks like Hailol part 2 with a very slight edge away from being quite as overgrown.

Vague Fight Walkthrough:
Initial trash pack of 5 kobolds. The models are placeholders and will be various devils instead.
Second trash pack of 5 Enslaved Imps. Probably not placeholders.
Several more packs to fight through. Tasuil doesn’t seem to help, just runs through and ignores them. Several trash packs with various mobs throughout.

Gristlespitt: Expect a spittle attack you’ll need to stand in a faerie circle randomly placed on the ground about 10 meters from the boss. Expect to use a Rot Wine reactive for some purpose. Has a non-tank charge that can one-shot. Possibly a bleed. Has a mechanic you’ll need to use his chain to “reel him in” for or you die.
Fateful Crown
Post of Furious Flailing

Killthraxus: Guy stands on a pillar in the center shouting prophecies. Just dodge or kill the stuff he tells you to do. Eventually he jumps off the pillar and attacks you. Red AoE. Ground spikes. Pizza slices. Adds. Attack the pillar to knock him off it. After the pillar phase there’s a clickable barrel in the middle of an AoE. Purpose is unknown. Devs kited out of AoE and killed the boss.
Mocking Pauldrons
Imp’s Band

Lord Draveneaux – The Scalebreaker: A health bar for Tasuil shows up. Lord Draveneaux chains him up. Two drakes will show up: Phyrom and Vortalon. They fire off glowing projectiles. Avoid them. Caustic shards show near Draveneaux. Conical AoE from one of the drakes. You should be focusing your attacks on the items of his, not himself.

Maelfurnus: Lava “goo”. Tasuil has a healing AoE around him. Maelfurnus appears to attack simply but there’s a growing laval pool  with small smaller lava adds. Conical AoE attack.
Grips of rage
Heart of Maelfurnus

Ananke and Maelderoth: You have to fight both Tasuil and Ananke. Keep them separated or they won’t take damage. Maelderoth is a dragon, of course you stay away from the front and the back. There are “life crystals” for some purpose that spawn around the room, one at a time. Devs couldn’t figure out the fight, so they dev-killed the bosses. Tasuil becomes himself mixed with Maelforge and is back in the jar with the goo. #thisismylifenow
Totem of Tasuil
Repudiator’s Tunic

Wall of text crits you for….WHAT THE HELL?!? YOU KILLED TASUIL!
Temple of Ananke is the 5-man dungeon in Ashenfell. It’s a five boss instance made by a brand new dungeon designer, Adam “Dakkon” Bright. (His self provided bio is here. Good luck Adam!) Overall, the dungeon looks pretty straightforward. You go through the dungeon with Tasuil getting further and further corrupted with Maelforge’s soul until you end up having to kill Tasuil. After the fight he regains his senses but his body is already dead and he’s just disembodied goo in a jar now.
– Alternate content wings are planned for achievement purposes.
– Giant squirrel and cosmic horse mobs!
– Planar Fragments UI will be in next week’s livestream.
– Tuath’de Coven is the other dungeon and should be covered in two weeks.
– PvP will be discussed in a future livestream.

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