Live Stream Summary – Legendary Powers – September 16, 2016 – 4.0 Spoilers!

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  • Eric “Ocho” Cleaver <Senior Community Relations Manager>
  • Chris “Keyens” Meyer <Content Designer>

Trion’s Streaming desktop system’s power supply was fried during the Archeage stream, so they can’t show off stuff in-game

1:18 – Cool stuff, mage spreadsheet
1:40 – Talk about some of the forum discussion
2:00 – In the process of making ~250 legendary powers
2:15 – 700-800 total sub-powers/effects under the hood
3:16 – Sergeant’s order – Stuns enemy, target takes more damage from you.  Cooldown increased
3:27 – Dervish’s wind serpent – 20s buff to 60s buff that decays over its lifetime.
3:45 – Some have new/enhanced effects, but not all.
4:00 – How to obtain/background – get 1 skill choice per level 66 to 70 (5 total)
4:30 – Restrictions – power has to have a legendary version, Need to spend X number of points in that soul
5:10 – 0 points for 1 power in a soul, 15 points for 2 powers, and 42 points.  5 abilities per soul.  3/2 hybrid splits should be common
5:50 – Q: Cost for respeccing legendary powers? A: Behave like talent points instead of masteries, there will be a cost to respec legendaries
6:40 – Primalist – 8 for 2 powers, 22 for 3 (not 100% set in stone)
7:00 – Ranger – Summon Razorback – Razorback rushes target, deals damage, then buffs the player
7:50 – Favorite legendary is “Poison Malice” – Each cast will increase GCD by 0.1s up to 0.5s
8:45 – Q&A session time, will try to recall as many from memory and notes as they can
9:15 – Ranger pet bug is known, and in process of being fixed
9:50 – McChaffe asks about Legendary Reaper’s Blade? It scrolled past their screen so they didn’t read it
10:10 – Tanking ideas
10:40 – Void Knight’s Void Summon – Increases their max HP for every target hit
10:50 – Paladin’s Light’s Balm – 300% of HP healed is dealt as AoE damage.  Debate on if this should be damage healed, or damage it WOULD heal.
11:15 – Void Knight’s 61-point – Now has a chance to give 100% dodge for 3s when you take damage from any source.
12:15 – Necromancer’s Condemned – Gives the mage 2 stacks of deathly calling when it ends.
13:00 – Nightblade’s Hellblaze Weapons – new a cooldown.  Every target takes a DoT during it’s duration.  When the duration ends, ALL the dots explode around the targets in an AoE.
13:25 – Primalist Torrential Rain – When Torrential Rain Ends, it triggers 1 tick in an AoE around each target affected
14:35 – Shaman 41 and 61 and default 0-point are getting legendaries.
15:55 – Chloromancer’s Bloom is now a passive.  When you take damage, there is a chance that Bloom will cast on you.
16:35 – Living Aegis – healing spells have a chance to make your next Ruin instant with no cooldown.
17:15 – Maelstrom’s Vaporize – Anytime you get Explosive Potential buff, you can cast Vaporize instantly.
17:50 – There WILL be a beta
18:00 – All legendary powers are subject to changing during balancing
18:30 – Reaver’s apply all dots skill – all dots tick 3 times faster, but are 50% shorter.
18:40 – Reaver’s Viral Stream ticks twice as often.
19:05 – Physician’s Maintenance Therapy is now a passive HoT applied on all heals.
19:45 – Tactician will be AoE healing in the future through legendary skill choices
20:00 – Tactician Absorb Shield can go on allies
20:15 – Tactician Curative engine will make all heals 300% better
20:25 – Tactician Ablative Coil is a toggle damage reducer
21:10 – Dominator’s Death Edict stuns enemy, snares for ~10s, target cannot RECEIVE ANY healing (PvP focused, bye bye Frostkeeper!)
22:30 – robbb__ : “Legendary death’s edict just promotes mage on mage violence” gets a good “LOL” from the streamers
22:40 – Shadeborn’s scything night – applies consuming depths at 25% effectiveness that stacks with existing stacks
23:25 – Update on stream machine, CPU/Mobo decided to smoke after the PSU was replaced.  Someone let the magic smoke out.
24:00 – Shadeborn’s Strengthened Bond – Bond of night penalty increased to 50%, but deal 300%-400% more damage to bond targets instead of 200%.
24:20 – Raid team is adding more cleave-centric fights
24:45 – Any announced release date will be a target date, NOT a set in stone date.
25:10 – Liberator’s Deliverance – Cast time is reduced the lower your health is.  Instant at 1 HP.  50% HP = 1s.
25:40 – Liberator’s Medical Facility – No longer removes the AP costs, but causes those spells to splash 12% of the healing to all nearby allies.
26:40 – Warlord’s Breaking Blow – Consumes up to 60 power to deal A LOT of increased damage.  Does not consume AP.
27:10 – Warlord’s A Quick Death will count as a finisher for triggering surges. Quick death > piercing thrust > QD > finisher.
28:00 – Primalist question – ALL primal avatars will have legendary powers.
28:30 – Pyromancer’s Fusillade – adds 4 stacks of Internalize Charge as long as you have at least 1 stack left.
29:05 – Pyromancer’s Flame Volley – Chains to up to 3 additional enemies within 15m.
29:15 – Pyromancer’s Fire Storm – No longer channeled, enemies within Firestorm now take additional damage from additional fire damage spells.
29:25 – Pyromancer’s Internalize Charge – Non-pyromancer spells have a 10% chance to gain the effects of a charge without consuming it
30:00 – Beastmaster’s 41/61 are focused on pet improvements
30:10 – Beastmaster’s Cunning Ruse – Consumes all bleeds on target to improve pet damage by 200% per bleed
30:25 – Beastmaster’s 61 – Pet flies into a rage and attacks 3-4x faster than normal
30:40 – Yes, Legendaries will work in warfronts, some are built for PvP (see Death’s Edict)
31:20 – Bard/Oracle are quite different for legendaries, while Archon/Beastmaster are more similar (defensive support vs. offensive support)
32:00 – Bard legendaries are damage focused – channels are faster, cast time for cadenza
32:05 – Bard’s Orchestra of the Planes – all Bard Channels will cast twice as fast and makes Legendary Cadenza instant while active.  Anchored to rogue and now follows you.
32:15 – Bard’s Cadenza – 2s cast time, gives 5CP.
32:30 – Bard’s Motif of Regeneration – Provides a stacking HoT to targets, cannot be refreshed.  When it reaches full stacks, all additionally generated stacks provides 50% of the max combined HoT amount.
33:10 – Stormcaller channels are moving now
33:20 – Stormcaller’s Raging Storm – Now a moving channel
Stormcaller’s Ride the Wind – Next spell is instant cast (Combo w/ Cinderburst!)
Stormcaller’s Gathering storm – provides an additional electrified stack per second.
Stormcaller’s Perfect storm – Doing damage to enemy has a chance to reset the cooldown.
34:10 – We expect people to find insane combos and abuse them.
34:25 – Rifstalker’s Shadow Shift – Now provides a ramping up buff passively.  Anything in the line you travel takes up to 1600% of AP as damage at max buff.
35:10 – These are intended to work with other legendary abilities.
36:15 – Marksman’s Calculated Shot – doubles the speed of all channels while active.  Makes most channel while move.
36:40 – Marksman’s Deadeye Shot – deals 10% damage, but crits deal 15x normal damage.
37:55 – Warlock’s Neddra’s Torture – deals damage every 1.5s if the enemy has not cast an ability.  stacks up to 8 times. (PvP focus)
38:20 – No date for Beta, but they want to have a good amount of beta testing, especially for Legendary Powers
39:00 – Giveaways

The gist of this livestream was the announcement of a large chunk of the legendary powers. It appears that most or all of the 0/41/61 abilities will be getting legendary abilities. Due to the dead computer there were several legendary abilities that were missed, such as pretty much anything dealing with Clerics. Review this spreadsheet for all of the legendary abilities that we have gathered so far.

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