RIFT 4.1: Hotfix #8 5/17/2017

Rift 4.1 Hotfix #8 arrives today, and with it some bug fixes for iRotP, improved draw distance for dimension items, and set bonuses have been added to Planar crafted helms, and iRotP gear.

There will also be a 25% off sale for wardobe items from the 19th through 22nd,including special holiday wardobes (Frostfell, Valentine’s, and Carnival are likely).  Get what you want now!

RIFT 4.1: Hotfix #8 5/17/2017

* Fixed a bug that could cause some passive abilities to not work after role switching.
* Fixed a client crash caused by shift clicking the name of the skill level in a trainer.


* Wardrobe Weekend has come to Telara, active starting 12:01 AM server time on Friday, May 19th ending at 11:59 PM server time on Monday May 22nd.
* A selection of holiday wardrobe offerings is available in the Rift Store in the Wardrobe Weekend section.
* Additionally, the credit prices of all wardrobe items are reduced by 25% for the duration of the event. Look good or dye trying!


* Seething Cores will now activate the entrance barrier while you are in combat with them.
* All bosses will now enrage at 7 minutes in on their encounter. This applies to phase 3 for High Priest Arakhurn.
* Fixed an issue where the entrance barrier would go down while the encounter for High Priest Arakhurn was active.
* Anchored in Flames in the General Silgen encounter now does significantly more damage. You’ve been warned!
* Once you start the encounter for High Priest Arakhurn, you will now be in combat till either you kill his final form or the raid wipes.
* Fixed an issue with the leaderboards and High Priest Arakurn where it would not update if a player was alive after a fight reset.
* Fixed an issue where players could avoid the fire vortices in Beruhast’s encounter area. The outlying fire vortices will do lethal damage now if players are in an area they are not supposed to be.

* Fixed an issue where Lanaria in Tuath’de coven would heal during her Maddened Charge.

* Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix items that should have counted towards the Comet of Destruction set bonus, as well as certain crafted helmets, now do.

* Building Blocks now stack to 999.
* Draw Distance within dimensions has been greatly increased.

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