Rift 3.7 Hotfix #15 – 10/5/2016

Hotfix #15 patch notes from the forums.  Of note are the new shield changes and a reduced token cost for Raid Tier 1 and 2 weapons and armor.  Also, every raid EXCEPT for Comet of Ahnket is getting an increase in the number of drops per boss.  However, CoA and Mind of Madness have both received nerfs to go alongside the shielding changes and to allow players to gear up in preparation for Starfall Prophecy.

RIFT 3.7: Hotfix #15 10/5/2016

* We’ve updated how shield calcuations work.
1. 100% shields are calculated first, then all non 100% shields.
2. All shields now have a ‘bleed through’ amount based on their percentage.
Ex: An 85% shield will always bleed 15 damage of a 100 damage attack, no matter how many 85% shields you have. Previously, each shield would reduce the damage further.
* To read more, check out out the thread about it!

* The cost of Tier 1 & 2 weapons and armor has been reduced by 25% for both credits and tokens.
* Tier 1 & 2 weapon and armor bundles now have a token price. The bundles are also bound to account.
* Note: Drowned Prophet’s War Axe has the incorrect price this week. It’ll be fixed in next week’s hotfix!
* Items with effects that increase token gain now affect Fragments of Darkness. Also, the passive patron buff will affect Fragment of Darkness gain as well.
* Illusory Motes are available on the store now under Equipment -> Upgrade Components.


* Corrected an issue with invasion mobs granting far more experience than intended.

* Increased the number of items that drop from each boss of Rhen of Fate, Intrepid Gilded Prophecy, Intrepid Hammerknell, Tyrant’s Forge, Mount Sharax, and Mind of Madness.

* All enemy npcs in this raid have had their health and damage reduced by roughly 30%
* Doubled the amount of Tower Sigils that drop from Hard Mode bosses. Additionally, mini-bosses now drop one Sigil. Regular-mode bosses now drop Tower Sigils.

* All enemy npcs in this raid have had their health and damage slightly reduced by roughly 10%.

* Fixed appearance of undersides of Fine Wood Table dimension item.
* Adjusted several older dimension items. Proper centering, fix holes, missing textures, etc.
* Fixed the glow strength of the pink dimension plank when placed in brightly lit area.
* Fixed a texture on underside of Old Fine Wood Table dimension object
* Fixed the appearance and collision of Small Fine Wood Table and Small Old Fine Wood Table.
* Fixed the appearance of undersides of cartel bench dimension items.

* The recipe for Matte Black Triangles creates 12 per crafting now.

Brevanic Wall Segments can now be scaled appropriately.
Glowing Building Blocks now show up in the Store.

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