Rift PTS Datamining – March 14, 2019 – Carnival & Battle Pass

Lo and behold, more Rift content to datamine! This time, we got some Carnival of the Ascended goodies, and some more data and images for Battle Pass have dropped. Let’s dive in!

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  • New Carnival Mount
  • Data for Carnival Helms
  • Battle Pass Images

New Carnival Mount
We have a new Carnival of the Ascended mount. It’s a budgie… with a feather mask.

Data for Carnival Helms
A few string entries provide insight into new costume helms. 3 have been datamined, though their art files are not final (there’s a placeholder, shown below.)

New helms are as follows:

  • Playful Jester’s Mask
  • Butterfly Carnival Mask
  • Orator’s Carnival Mask
Placeholder model for the 3 new carnival helms

Battle Pass Images
Here’s the meat and potatoes of this patch: Rift’s very own Battle Pass. The existence of this feature was datamined quite a while ago (click here for the original post), but today’s PTS patch brings with it more feature strings AND graphics!

Rift’s Battle Pass feature appears to provide a new mission/quest system that provides new quests automatically every day. It sounds like some rewards must be claimed within a certain period of time as well. This is all speculation of course, the full system is not in yet, and is still a work in progress, though one that has continued further.

First, the new art assets

New strings:

  • icon_menu_battlepass_normal.png
  • icon_menu_battlepass_select.png
  • icon_menu_battlepass_select.png
  • icon_menu_battlepass_disabled.png
  • You have new Battle Pass missions.
  • You don’t have any Battle Pass missions. Come back tomorrow for new ones!
  • You have completed Battle Pass missions to claim.
  • The current Battle Pass has ended. Time remaining to claim rewards: [%TIME]
  • You gained [%EXPERIENCEPOINTS] Battle Pass XP

UPDATE! A little budgling came to me via DM on Discord and informed me of some Battle Pass UI elements on PTS. Sure enough, there they are! (click to enlarge the picture)

That’s all for today. It’s refreshing to see new models again and see that one of the features from before the Gamigo buyout – Battle Pass – is seeing further development. Makes me wonder if we will see the completion of the Planar Disciples feature as well. Time will tell.


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