Rift PTS Datamining – February 25, 2019 – Enclave of Ahnket and more

It’s been almost 2 months now since we’ve had a sizeable patch to datamine, and this one is the largest since Rift has been owned by Gamigo. With this PTS patch, we get a new 5-man Dungeon: Enclave of Ahnket. In addition, we get a bunch of data related to several features that have not been implemented. These have been heavily discussed at one point or another, but their data has made it’s way onto PTS. Let’s delve in.

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  • Enclave of Ahnket boss list
  • New Mount
  • Unfinished Content

Enclave of Ahnket boss list

The Enclave of Ahnket is a 4 boss 5-man dungeon. You can read details and provide feedback here: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-discussions/public-test-shard/507899-new-expert-dungeon-enclave-ahnket.html. Interestingly, a lot of the game data surrounding Enclave of Ahnket refers to the instance as “Ahnket Journey”.

The bosses are as follows:

  • Allajax
  • Alu’Mar
  • Fezhak
  • Salasohcarv

New Mount

New mount – Crucia Balloon. I can only assume this will be for the 8th Carnival of the Ascended. In fact, the game data strings have been updated to reflect that there will be an 8th carnival this year.

Unfinished Content

Now on to the meat and potatoes of this patch. There’s a lot of unfinished content that has been patched in, including:

  • Tenebrean Trouble data
  • More Planar Disciples
  • Battle Pass UI Assets
  • Conquest reboot
  • Call to Action: Unicornalia
  • Call to Action: Budgie
  • Call to Action: Skelf (New)

Tenebrean Trouble looks like it was going to deliver a new set of vanity/wardrobe gear. Currently, the game data has configured this to be the Calweddi set, presumably as a placeholder. Strings indicating this:

> TT Puzzle – Taken Tenebrean Wardrobe Chest
> TT Puzzle – Taken Tenebrean Wardrobe Feet
> TT Puzzle – Taken Tenebrean Wardrobe Hands
> TT Puzzle – Taken Tenebrean Wardrobe Head
> TT Puzzle – Taken Tenebrean Wardrobe Legs

Here’s also a full list of identified Tenebrean Trouble areas of interest. This list is MASSIVE and really shows how much there was going to be for the unfinished puzzle dungeon.

  1. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble
  2. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Pentomino Chamber
  3. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Entry Hall
  4. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Basement
  5. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – The Library
  6. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Switch Room
  7. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Bubble Tank One
  8. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Bubble Tank Two
  9. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Stellar Cartography
  10. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Amphitheater
  11. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Storage
  12. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – The Spiral
  13. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Dance Hall
  14. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Ball Room
  15. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Boiler Room
  16. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Aquarium
  17. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Pool Room – Shallows
  18. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Climbable Blocks
  19. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Pipe Room
  20. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Rainbow Room
  21. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Arboretum
  22. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – The Vault
  23. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Water maze
  24. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Sands of Time
  25. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Teleport halls
  26. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Prison
  27. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Sun Orb
  28. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Room 101
  29. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Stars and Stairs
  30. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Octagon
  31. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Laser Room
  32. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Hall Maze
  33. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Spaced
  34. Interior – Tenebrean Trouble – Minimap Y Planes

More planar disciples have been identified. Looks like Prince Casimar is the first actual NPC identified to be a Planar Disciple. Not all of these were going to be generic it seems, some were going to be NPCs you have encountered in various stories over the years.

New Planar Disciples:

  • Planar Disciple Purifier
  • Planar Disciple Warlock
  • Planar Disciple Riftblade
  • Planar Disciple Marksman
  • Planar Disciple Justicar
  • Prince Casimar
  • Planar Disciple Bladedancer

Battle Pass looks like it was going to receive a completely brand new UI window, judging by the inclusion of the .gfx file related to Rift’s UI.

Several UI assets are likely related to either the Battle Pass OR to Planar Disciples.

Multiple Strings also indicate that a reboot for level 70 conquest is planned or was in the works. Several of “PvP-Conquest70” related strings were found in the client database with this patch. In addition, strings related to the standard Conquest achievements that were available at 65 were found, such as extractor control and number of victories. So far, it looks like it was going to be a straight port from 65 to 70, but it’s hard to gather precise details with what is currently available.

Finally, we have evidence of 3 Call to Action events that were in progress. This includes Unicornalia, Budgie Madness, and a new “Skelf” related Call to Action event that looks to be in the VERY early stages of development. It is unknown how much progress has been made on implementing these events.

That’s all for today. There is not much new in the way of graphics to show off. If we can find a way to get pics of the layout of Tenebrean Trouble, we will get those posted ASAP! So far, I have been unable to find this in the client-side game data. It tragically may be server side.

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