Rift Datamining – January 24th – LIVE & PTS (Spoilers!)

It’s been a while since new stuff could be datamined for Rift, so I’m excited to report that new stuff has arrived.  Today, we have stuff for Valentine’s day (Mariel-Taun day) and the 7th anniversary Carnival of the Ascended!  In addition to this, we have details of the recently announced Planar Picker and Planar Pounder gathering mounts.  Let’s dive in!

  • New Gathering Mounts
  • Icons!
  • Valentine’s day information

New Gathering Mounts

The Planar Picker and Planar Pounder mounts have been datamined!  Picker will allow you to harvest without being dismounted.  Pounder will let you mine without being dismounted.  It is unknown how these will be obtained.  First pics are from Telarafly, showing them under some lighting conditions (thank you imathrowback for these pics!), the 2nd set is the raw model being viewed.  These are rigged like the arlight rider mounts.

On top of this, we also datamined the new Valentine’s day Cappie mount a while ago, but since it will be relevant soon, here’s the pic again!  I am calling it now – this will be the next lockbox mount.


5 new icons have surfaced.  We have the new 7th anniversary cake and cape, both gathering mounts, a new greenscale baloon mount (and I thought the bagling was weird).

Valentine’s day information

The following information details some incoming store items for Valentine’s day datamined from the client database.  This is speculation at best, and I’m sure we will get confirmation from Trion on this soon.

  • 02/12 – 02/18 (Valentines Week)
  • The love buggy, golden love buggy, and lovely levitation mounts look like they will become direct purchase this year

That is all for today! Please follow us on twitter @thegharstation for updates, and join us on our Discord for advanced viewing of datamining content!

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