Guild Wars 2 Datamining Report: January 23rd patch!

And we’re back again for more Guild Wars 2 datamining! that_shaman (twitter @that_shaman) has reported new stuff for Guild Wars 2 over on Reddit for the January 23rd patch.  Thank you that_shaman for your work on Guild Wars 2 datamining, and for allowing us to report on it!

The January 23rd patch brings with it numerous bug fixes to fractals and raids alongside a few new store goodies. Curiously, the datamining suggests that there are some quality of life options added for the various health bars within the game.

This datamining was reported by that_shaman over on Reddit.  Check out his thread here for more details and to join in on the discussion!  Patch notes are up on the Guild Wars 2 Forums here.

As usual, you can join us for discussion about all things datamining over on our Discord and follow us on twitter @TheGharStation!

Below is a direct copy of that_shaman’s post from the reddit thread.



Item Description
[&AgFzUwEAAA==] Grand Lion Griffon Skin
1925769_0387 Grand Lion
[&AgF4UwEAAA==] Jackal Rune Gauntlets
1896625_0736 Harness the power of the desert with the Jackal Rune Gauntlets!
[&AgFxUwEAAA==] Jackal Rune Greaves
1915872_0367 Harness the power of the desert with the Jackal Rune Greaves!
[&Cj0fAAA=] Arcane Marksman Rifle
1925769_0563 Take aim with the Arcane Marksman Rifle!
[&AgFyUwEAAA==] Zhaitan Dye Kit
1896625_0493 Abyssal Sea Dye
1896624_0614 Darkness Dye
1896625_0491 Grave Dye
1896624_0893 Risen Dye
1877046_0576 Worn Bone Dye
1925769_0966 Always Show Party Health Bars
1925769_0765 Always Show Squad Health Bars
1925769_0844 Party and squad subgroup health bars will always be visible.
1925769_0778 Show larger health bars for party, pvp, and squad subgroup members.
1933150_0241 Show larger health bars for squad members.
1925769_0839 Squad health bars will always be visible.
1925769_1011 Thick Party Health Bars
1925769_0516 Thick Squad Health Bars
1485754_0927 God / Goddess of PvP
1494767_0076 Legendary Demigod / Demigoddess

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