Trion, and others, honor Wintercharm

It is always a sad day when you learn about the passing of a member of a community.  At the end of December, a well known member of the dimension community – wintercharm – passed on to the soulstream.

In response, Rift’s dimension community have dedicated a garden to her honor, and Tacitus, a prominent member of the Rift dev team who is heavily involved in Dimension content, has chosen to honor wintercharm in-game with several special items.  These have appeared in-game as of the January 10th, 2018 patch.  A post on Rift’s official site gives the details.

Several other places, including the Rift forums have taken time to commemorate Wintercharm.  Here is but a sampling of the posts in remembrance.


Our condolences go out to the family of wintercharm.  May her soul live on among the ascended.

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