Plans for the Future of The Ghar Station

We have been around for over a year now, and our datamining of Rift has been extremely successful, building up a small community, and previewing a lot of upcoming content in far more detail than anything prior for Rift.  Here, we have been highly successful, and we are proud of our work!

So, we want to continue this, and set out to explore some new realms.  We intend to keep The Ghar Station as the go-to place for Rift datamining, we have no intentions of changing our name or to stop reporting on Rift.

Instead, we will begin by reporting on datamining done for other games.  We won’t be delving into this directly ourselves, but just merely testing the waters to see who else is datamining other MMOs.  The plan is to report and link, maybe provide a mirror of the content if appropriate.

On top of this, I (clowd), am working on creating a Patron for The Ghar Station.  The intent is to cover server costs.  Server costs aren’t much, but they could easily grow if expansion draws in an unexpectedly larger crowd.  I will provide more details once I am ready to open it up!

So, to summarize:

  • We will continue to datamine and report on Rift! This will not change, it is the core of The Ghar Station
  • Soon(tm) we shall report on the datamining of a few other MMOs (Probably starting with Guild Wars 2 and/or Final Fantasy XIV).
  • A Ghar Station Patreon will open up to help with server costs

For the latest updates and discussion, please follow us on twitter @TheGharStation or join in on the conversation on our Discord!

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