Orphiel’s Mount Crate has been removed

The $100 mount crate has been removed from Rift’s in-game store.  This is a welcome change, as I personally believe that this mount crate was priced far too aggressively to target the normal player, and there has been a lot of controversy appearing on different sites about it.

To quote Brasse directly:

Hey all.

We put a tremendous amount out for the holiday season. As always, we follow player feedback and LISTEN. We’re also pretty agile, so when the resounding feedback on the Orphiel’s Mount Crate came in, we took it down. 

I sincerely appreciate the rational, measured and reasonable tone you have retained in this thread. It’s SO much easier to parse and use in feedback than some of the rants out in the wilds.

We hope you’re enjoying the other yuletide offers, gifts and activities!

DO remember that just for logging in, you are entered in the massive pack of ALL rare mounts in Orphiel’s crate. ALL of them. =P

source: http://forums.riftgame.com/general-discussions/general-discussion/500775-rift-controversial-fae-yule-opinion-piece.html#post5332614

On another note, Rift is having a “Login to win” contest for all the mounts in this crate.  Details can be found here on Rift’s site by clicking here.

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