Datamining: Fae Yule Edition (plus one Valentine’s day thing!)

Been a while, real life has been busy over here, but the site is renewed for another year, and we have a Fae Yule stream coming up on Friday.  So what better time than now to dump ALL of our Fae Yule datamining information into one spot!  There is new stuff I haven’t shown off yet that I will include here.  Let’s jump in!


  • New dimension items
  • Fae Yule costume weapons
  • Fae Yule costume armor
  • Fae Yule wings and capes
  • Fae Yule Dimension items
  • Fae Yule Dimension – Kilcual
  • Fae Yule Mounts
  • New Valentine’s Day Mount!

New dimension items

Let’s start off with the new stuff.  As of the November 22nd hotfix, we have a batch (HA!) of new dimension items – milk and cookies.  Cookies come in red, green, and blue frosting, alongside chocolate chip and plain.  There are also 2 cups of milk, with varying amounts of “emptiness”.  Though our models don’t show this well.

Fae Yule costume weapons

Now we get to things that have already been datamined. Starting with the new candy themed weapons.

Fae Yule costume armor

This is a recolor of the “Tuath’de” set, and is based upon Queen Una of the “Tuath’de” elves features in the Prophecy of Ahnket storyline.

Fae Yule wings and capes

1 new set of wings, 2 new capes.  Enjoy!

Fae Yule Dimension items

Lots of new dimension items, all themed around building your own gingerbread house with peppermints, gumdrops, ginger bread walls/roof, and candy canes.  Icons shown, I’m sure the dimensioneers will do a better job at showcasing the final items than I can (datamining does not do the final in-game versions justice).  There is a total of 22 new icons.

Fae Yule Dimension – Kilcual

This technically arrived in patch 4.3, but it’s clearly meant to be the Fae Yule dimension given some of the zone in and dimension art. (Click to see the full size loading screen)

Fae Yule Mounts

We have at least 3 new Fae Yule mounts: A new Moosedantix, a “Gumdrop” levitation (icon only right now), and a bogling helper who carries you in a sack of toys.  What the?

New Valentine’s Day Mount!

Finally, I leave you all with the new Valentine’s day mount – the “Lovely” Cappie!

That’s all for today! Ghar Station signing off!


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