Datamining – Fae Yule Edition (uh.. fae yule spoilers!)

Since 4.3 launched, we have been steadily getting Fae Yule assets patched to both Live and PTS.  We have a bunch of new stuff, including dimensions stuff, new weapon and armor costumes, and even hints of a new mount.  Let’s dive in!


  • New Dimension item icons!
  • New mount icon
  • Artifact weapon skins
  • New Fae Yule costume pieces

New Dimension item icons!

First thing’s first, let’s take a look at a bunch of new icons for Fae Yule dimension items.  This year is a Gingerbread house theme, complete with candy canes, peppermints

New mount icon

What would a world event be without a new mount?  So far we have datamined 2 new mounts, but an icon (and a recent model) tells us of a 3rd.  A “Gumdrop” levitation mount.  This one is similar to the “Present” levitation mount from 2016, but now it’s gumdrops!  I don’t have a textured model of the rings at the moment to show off, so here’s the icon as a teaser.

Artifact weapon skins

It looks like we will be getting special weapons that are tied to artifact sets in Rift.  The model for these weapons is based upon existing weapons, but they have completely new textures and visual effects.  The effects are based upon all the artifact colors – white, green, blue, purple, orange, and red effects are known to exist right now.  This is probably an achievement reward related to artifacts.  The shield shown is currently untextured.

New Fae Yule costume pieces

Finally, let’s look at some new costume pieces for Fae Yule.  We have a new set of weapons, a brand new set of crystal wings, 2 new capes, and a reskin of the Tuath’de Royal Robes into a very snowy white.

That’s all for today!  Ghar station signing off!

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