PTS Datamining – July 14th – 4.2 part 2 (4.2 spoilers)

Moar 4.2 stuff.  Thanks to the recent live stream, I’ve been able to identify a few new things.  July 13th brought an updated map, and we have PuP from atlas reactor to show off today.  New strings, some new database entries, let’s delve in.


  • Updated and complete map
  • PuP pet
  • Preview of Carriage Livery set
  • Vostigar Peaks loading screen
  • New Primalist soul icon
  • Preview of the new assets for the Lockbox updates

Updated and complete map

New complete Comet of Ahnket map, now with a fully featured Vostigar Peaks.  Click for a larger version. (and by large, I mean 20 megabytes large.)

PuP pet

Previewing PuP using the Telarafly‘s model viewer.  Thank you to imathrowback on the Ghar Station Discord for providing these images!

PuP is confirmed to be a new Atlas Reactor to Rift promotion.  He appears to be a companion pet, but he apparently has combat animations.  Are these for fun idle modes, or will he be available as a combat pet skin? hmm…


Preview of Carriage Livery Set

Here is a preview of the Carriage Livery set, a new set of costume armor that has been datamined.  This preview was created using Telarafly, image courtesy of imathrowback!


Vostigar Peaks loading screen

For those of you who love the loading screens, here is the one from Vostigar Peaks with no loading screen overlays.  Enjoy!

New Primalist soul icon

Clearly the icon for Mystic.

Preview of the new assets for the Lockbox updates

Ok, so, the new lockbox system was shown off on today’s live stream.  Apparently, when you open a lockbox, you flip 5 cards to get one of a set of potential loot rewards.

In total, we have 8 card colors, and 12 card types.  Let’s take a look, and speculate about what it all means.  You can click on individual images for higher rez versions of each.

First off, the card colors.  8 in total.  4 appear to correlate to item rarity – Green, Dark Blue, Purple, and Red.  White cards were shown to contain things like Favor (gave 213 on the live stream).  Light blue cards were shown on stream to contain Celestial motes, so maybe rare ingredient or upgrade items? Gold cards contain items like “prize tickets”, which can be redeemed in the Rift Store, and “Spring loaded pow kickers”.  I guess from this that Gold Cards contain store related items. Pink cards appear to contain currency or dimension grab-bags.

Next, we have the card back and related colors.  You can see the card’s rarity from its back.

Now the card types.  These images are placed within the white cutouts on each of the cards, and most likely correspond to different items you might receive.

That’s all for today.

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