PTS Datamining – July 9th (4.2, seasonal event spoilers!)

Well, at long last, 4.2 has hit all at once on the PTS.  Time to datamine this, and see what we can find!  There is a lot to uncover, so this will be a multi part post over several days.  Today, we will dive into the new icons, the map of Vostigar Peaks, and a preview of several new pieces of gear, mostly costume pieces.  Finally, a Telarafly showcase of the new 4.2 dev island!

4 new dimensions have been datamined, though I will not be showcasing most of them today.  They are Magician’s Tower, Realm of the Fae, Turnis River Bunker, and Iron Tomb (Iron Tomb is set to be available for autumn harvest).

Let’s get started!


  • Vostigar Peaks Map
  • Icons
  • New Wings & Backpacks
  • New costume gear
  • Preview of new Temporal Flux gear 
  • Haunted Chariot mount
  • Telarafly: Overview of Vostigar Peaks
  • Telarafly: New dev isle!

Vostigar Peaks Map

Stitched together from the minimap pieces.  This map is the highest rez I can produce via datamining.  You should be able to click this image to view the high rez version.


53 (holy crap!) new icons landed yesterday.  Let’s take a look at all of these in groups.

First off, the new icons for the Primalist Souls.

New Storm Legion themed capes.

New back gear + Storm Legion wings.

Vostigar Peaks armor, aka the Carliazdijalla gear.  Plate on top, Chain on bottom.

New “Carriage” costume armor set.  Curiously, there are no gloves for this yet.

Miscellaneous icons.  Some of these are reused or recolors.  I believe most of these are for the new Primalist souls.

New Wings & Backpacks

2 brand new backpacks, a new set of wings based on the Storm Legion, and 2 new butterfly/scatherran forest wings.  Fully textured models!

New costume gear

We have 1 new costume set, and a bunch of new costume weapons with this update.  Let’s take a look first at the armor, then at a few of the weapons.

First up, the new “Carriage” costume armor.  Just the male and female chest pieces to preview today.

Now for the new weapons. Yes, that IS Asha Catari’s blade!  We also have the seahorse weapons and shields whose existence was datamined quite some time ago.

Preview of new Temporal Flux gear

It appears that a new 208b gear set has landed.  I was confused at first about what this was, but talking to others on the Ghar Station Discord it became clear that this is a blue recolor of the Temporal Flux costume gear.  I have a few pieces to sample here, that should give an idea of the overall set.

Haunted Chariot mount

I’ve seen this mount as an icon for a while, but finally we have a preview of the Haunted Chariot mount itself.  I’m not sure if this is meant to go with the “Chariot” costume armor shown earlier.

Telarafly: Overview of Vostigar Peaks

Time to take a look at Vostigar Peaks via Telarafly.

This is the overview of Vostigar Peaks, with no objects loaded.  Just the base terrain of the zone.


And an overview withe some of the objects loaded.  Telarafly is not currently rendering the Storm Legion buildings properly, though that is being investigated.

Next up is the “Magician’s Tower”, this is also a new dimension!Telarafly: New dev isle!

Ok, Vostigar Peaks is visible on PTS right now.  Go play it!  What isn’t visible, however, is the hidden dev islands.  Curiously, this new dev island is covered in a bunch of rooms from old Storm legion expansion instances, specifically Tower of the Shattered and Frozen Tempest.

Let’s look at the new one that arrived with this 4.2 update!

That’s all for today.  More to come, including datamining the client-side database, and showcasing a number of new mobs.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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