Dev Chatter – 4.2 Raid Rifts edition (4.2 spoilers)

The following conversations were taken from my private interaction with some devs, in addition to questions asked on the Rift Community discord.  The following questions were asked and responded to on July 7, 2017.  For those that don’t know, Discord is more than just a pure voice service, it also serves as a text chat service similar to IRC and old style chat rooms.  This is primarily how it is used for Rift.  If you haven’t yet, come join us on discord here:

Today’s topic is all about the new Raid Rifts!

As usual, this has been anonymized (as appropriate), and edited for topic flow and some minor grammar tweaks.

The purpose of these dev chatter posts is to summarize the general thoughts of Rift’s dev team, and gain insight into upcoming content and features.

All details are subject to change!

Q: Are the essences going to be upgraded using fortress tokens
A: Probably not.  However, not a bad idea for those that were concerned about QF remaining viable for everyone.


Q: I am hoping for an alternative of QF to get good essences, because I have the talent to miss every successful event…and finding a group after the first minutes seems futile

A: We are gonna put QF back to being available all the time.  We’re probably gonna nerf the requirements on the life fortress event too, but that’s stretch goal at this point for 4.2.


Q:So they will be the same tier as QF lessers? same loot table? or new names. Or will Raid Rift lessers be 0.5 iLVL higher?

A: New tier, and much higher iLVL


Q: Are they going to be BoE like QF? and not class specific? so we can trade/sell?

A: BoA it looks like.


Q: [will raid rifts have a] 25% chance for a drop per IRC like gear from TD? or some other chance?

A: It is lower than 25% but [we’re] not gonna give the exact number.  It [also] breaks down into chance for epic vs rare vs lesser vs greater [which have their own drop rates].


Q: In older raid rifts, loot was dropped at stages 3 and 5.  With the new ones, will we be getting 2 loot rolls – one at stage 3, and one at stage 5? or one loot roll after completing the entire raid rift?
A: 2 [rolls]. But it is two different tables for the stages, so you get 3 [free rolls per day] on each [of the 2 raid rift loot tables]. Thus 3 full raid rifts.

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