Telarafly 0.0.13 released!

Telarafly 0.0.13 has been released! Download it from the Telarafly Download page.

Changes include new controls, a new favorites feature, optimizations, and other fixes. Update notes are copied from the github page below.

Telarafly 0.0.13 Release Notes

Lots of changes

  • BIG change to way loading works, should now be a lot quicker. No need for any fancy converting of databases of files. (Thank you Magelo!)
  • The world is now streamed as you move around to make level loading faster. Increase the OBJECT_VISIBLE and TERRAIN_VIS options if they are not spawning as early as you like.
  • Added a LOD button to world viewer. Level of detail is automatically applied to the world objects, and small objects are hidden the further you are away. Use the LOD checkbox to disable this and show everything (and tank your FPS in the process).
  • Add favorites to most dropdown menus- click the star to favorite it and make it list first, it will be stored between program runs.
  • Fix leaves not being two sided
  • Add screenshot button (F10)
  • Add slow speed button (Alt)
  • Moderate female models
  • Changes to camera movement, will now move in direction you are pointed
  • Press ‘F’ to fly your very own dragon around the world.

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