PTS Datamining – June 27th – Squirrel edition (4.2 Spoilers)

A wild PTS patch appeared! So we datamined it and got new stuffs!  If I had to guess, I’d say some of this is 4.2 related, though there is a new asset that would appear to be 4th of July related (US holiday).  Let’s take a look!

EDIT #1 – Datamining the database has revealed additional info!
EDIT #2 – We have finally extracted & textured the new mount!


Squirrel? Squirrel! 6 new Squirrels.  I can only guess that these will be featured in Vostigar Peaks, the new level 70 zone arriving with 4.2.  Most likely artifact, achievement, and quest rewards.  I could also see these as new unstable artifact zone event rewards.

4th of July Golden Lifter Mount

This one is interesting, it appears to be something shield-like, A new “Golden Lifter” with an Eagle and Star theme.  I only have the icon and the specular map (determines what parts are shiny) for it, but it gives some idea about what the model will look like.  We have the model to show off! If I had to guess, I believe this will be available as a 4th of July special store item this week.

New store item:
“Golden Lifter Supply Crate
Includes a chance at the new 160% speed Golden Lifter mount.”

That’s all for today.  Hopefully this means we will start seeing 4.2 assets arriving soon!

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