Introducing TelaraFly!

Today I would like to announce the public launch of Telara Fly!

Telarafly is a Rift world and model viewer built in Unity3D, and was project born out of a reddit post to view the 3D models and worlds from RIFT.  This is the next step in The Ghar Station’s datamining endeavors!

Credit goes to Imathrowback for putting in a lot of time and effort into this project, and to MisterWibble and Keepro for helping with testing, and providing feedback and suggestions.

This project is not affiliated with Trion Worlds, Inc. or any of its affiliates.  Trion Worlds does not provide support for Telarafly.

You can download Telarafly from the Telarafly download page.

Let’s take a look at some hidden goodies that have been found!

Northern Tenebrean Schism

Last time we had a look at the Northern Tenebrean Schism, it was with some pictures on the Prophecy of Ahnket website (click here to see the pic). With Telarafly, we can now see the art assets of what lies beyond!

Prophecy of Ahnket Dev Island

What is an MMO without super secret developer islands?  Well, there is one hidden in the southeast corner of the Prophecy of Ahnket world map.  Let’s take a look!

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