Datamining – end of May (mild spoilers for unknown content)

It has been a rather slow month for Datamining, however in the past week we finally got a little bit of new content.  We have new stuff from the Shiny Shenanigans weekend, a new store banner, and some observant players over at The Ghar Station Discord have noticed that the latest butterfly wings are based on plants in Scatherran Forest.  I’ll be showing off the current and future ones as well, for speculation.

Shiny Shenanigans

So, there was supposed to be an update to the PTS on May 18th that (presumably) would have patched in the Shiny Shenanigans weekend assets, but this patch was staged, and not pushed live, so the assets for the event were not available until it hit live servers anyway.  That being said, we can at least look at the new icons and store banner presented by the event.

Boase has put together a preview of the pets that you can obtain from this event, available here.  This event has ended for now, hopefully it will come back in the near future and be a regular thing.

Shiny eyed pets + rainbow eyes icon.

New Store Banner

A new store banner was patched to PTS on May 30th, and arrived on Live for hotifx #11.  I am curious what this could be for.

Potential Future Wings

As discussed before, we’ve datamined the new fairy wings before they’ve gone live.  Some observant players have found that they are based on plants in Scatherran Forest.  Let’s preview this! Images provided by Boase.

First up, the existing 2 wings available in-game right now.

Chances are high that the remaining 2 are similar to the other plants, shown here.

These definitely match up to the datamined texture for these wings.

That’s all for today.  As we march into June, hopefully we will see the beginnings of low priority 4.2 content start streaming into PTS.

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