Presenting – The Ghar Station Wiki!

Today I would like to formally announce and open up access to The Ghar Station Wiki! This wiki currently is focusing on 3 things: Rift Lore, Rift Datamining, and the Rift API.  Members of the community over at The Ghar Station Discord have been contributing information for the past few weeks, and now it is open for all.

I have also made some modifications to the overall site layout, which should result in a neater presentation for all! Feedback is most certainly welcome.

There are currently 2 portions that I would like to call on the community to help write for this wiki:

  • Backup wiki copy of Seebs’ Rift API Docs
  • Transcribe as many Rift books as possible into the Lore section
  • Update and expand the Lore section

Special thanks to (in no particular order):

  • Imathrowback for all the documentation about Rift’s various files and database
  • Hepatitis and Shado for the Lore contributions
  • Forbiddenlake for the writeup on the Rift Zone Event API

I hope everyone finds this Wiki useful, and I look forward to the contributions!

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