Datamining – April patches (iRotP Spoilers)

April has been another slow month for datamining.  Rift’s 4.2 update is in the works, and the PTS updates this month have been focused largely on class updates, implementing and fixing the Primalist Primal Lord and Farseer souls, and tuning Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix.  Despite this, there are a few things to show off this month.  I was hoping for more, but let’s pray for Vostigar Peaks assets to start arriving in May!

Aside from what is shown, the majority of assets this month are effects to go alongside the new Primalist souls.

So, 3 things to show case today.  A new Budgie, a new mount, and a new butterfly wing coloration.


First, the budgie (because, you know, gotta lead with the cute stuff).  This one’s model is named “critter_raptr_baby_budgie_phoenix”.  The phoenix here, combined with several dev comments, leads me to believe that this is either an iRotP drop, or the iRotP Conqueror achievement reward.


We have the model for a new Drake mount, this one labeled as “mount_dragon_armored”.  Currently, I do not have textures to go with it.  I believe this pairs with a previously datamined icon, shown below.

New butterfly wing color

Finally, we have a new buttefly wing color in.  This is wings_010b. The blue ones currently available in-game are 010d.  I anticipate that this will probably arrive on the in-game store sometime in the near future.

That’s all for today!  Hopefully we will get some more datamined content in May to show off.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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