Live/PTS Datamining – March 23-24, 2017

March has been a slow SLOW month for datamining.  however, Hotfix #21 brought with it 2 new items of interest.  Let’s take a quick look! Short article today, but hopefully there will be more stuff to look over when 4.1 lands on March 29th.

New Cape Icons

2 new cape icons have been datamined.  I ran these by a dev, and found out that they are for 4.2.  We are getting a Storm legion cloak, and a Tenebrean themed cape.

New Store Weapons

New costume weapons have also arrived in the Rift Store.  These were previously available for preview on the PTS.  Below, Boase has modeled some of the new ones that were not available during the last datamining post.

New Intermediate Pack

A new Intermediate Pack has arrived on PTS this past Friday.  Thank you to Dyaon for taking the following pic of it on PTS!  This pack is available for $19.99.
This matches up with previously datamined store banners.  The first big one is what will appear on the Rift Store itself, with a 3D model of the new “slime arclight rider” appearing on the left side.

The other image will be used for the news popup upon login to advertise this new pack.  It also gives us a good look at what the rider will look like.

EDIT! NEW! Arclight Slime Rider model!

Just datamined this.  Turns out, this model has actually been around since the launch of Starfall Prophecy (it was NOT in the live game as of November 15th, 2016).  Pics below.


Other PTS Changes

There have been a few other changes on PTS.

  • The first stages of Eternal Weapons now have different appearances
  • New PvP planar Focuses are available
  • New PvP seal is available
  • Carnival of the Ascended special item is an Earring, requires 90 IAs and 2 “Visionary Ornamental Amenders” to upgrade.

That’s all for now.  4.1 is days away.  Get, uh… #hype?


Ghar Station, signing off.

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