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March has been a very slow month for Rift, due to several factors such as the delay of 4.1 to March 29th, PAX East, and Trion’s office move.  Some communication has still occurred, some PTS changes are still going out, and the community is rallying around contests to give away the new Tuskar mount.

Today, I will try to highlight some dev chatter on the forums, and several community pieces that have appeared recently.


  • Seshatar has put together a list of all active Tuskar mount giveaways on the forums.  Take a look, and good luck! He has been updating it regularly.
  • Seshatar has also put together a preliminary content overview for Rift 4.1: Forged in Flame.  You can find it here!
  • pyrofrosty has posted a uh… rather trippy video over on the forums.  Falling through the world has never been so, uh… bizzare.  Check out his forum post.
  • The Dimensions Gallery has posted most if not all of the new and upcoming Dimensions assets for 4.1  Check out the post on their site.


Finally, some additional dev chatter.  Information for Nightmare Rift updates was taken from the Rift Community Discord and the rest from the Rift Dimensions skype channel.

As usual, the info contained here represents a work in progress.  Nothing is completely set in stone until it arrives on Live servers.

Will Nightmare Rift caches be updated to give planarite for 66+ in 4.1?
Yes – caches will give VS and planarite for lvl 70s with 4.1.  

What about essences for 66+?
They do not give essences.  NMRifts are not really 70 content, and we do not currently plan on updating them to lvl 70 content.  [we] went ahead and extended the currency to drop for over 65, but the essences loot tables are a crazy intricate web of data.  So there are no plans to dive into that tangled web just to extend access to last expansion essence that is about 10-30% of the ilvl of current essences.  Touching anything else [except for currency] with NMrifts has very significant costs in terms of time.

Dimensions updates (From the Dimensions Addicts Skype)

  • In [the new 4-hour minion premium] boxes, the chance at a red border item is roughly half the odds of an orange border item.
  • ~130 epic items (purple border) are expected to be added in the next PTS Update after March 16th.
  • The orange/red items so far are things more like centerpieces.
  • The mine cart track pieces from Scarlet gorge are going to be added.  long straight, short straight, long curve and short curve.

How dimension minion boxes work: “Basically for each premium box has 4-6 items, (quantity skew higher with more stars), not counting blocks.  Blocks are 1-3 free additional blocks that do not take the place of non-block loot.  From there, each roll first determines what rarity table it rolls on (skew rarer with more stars), and then picks an item from that rarity.”


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