PTS Datamining – 2/25/2017 to 3/5/2017 (4.1 spoilers!)

There hasn’t been much on the datamining front the past 2 weeks.  Trion is putting the finishing touches on the 4.1 patch while preparing for an office move and PAX East.  That hasn’t stopped them from more PTS patches.  There is not a huge amount to cover today, mostly exciting new additions found on PTS!


  • New Rift Store Banner
  • New unlocked wardrobe weapons
  • Datamined Butterfly Wings
  • New Eternal weapon passives

New Rift Store Banner

This banner was confusing at first glance, but then it became obvious that this was for the various soul packs plus the Pimalist pack.  All of these were recently discounted on Live, and it looks like a store banner was prepared for them.

New unlocked wardrobe weapons

Courtesy of Boase, it has been revealed that the devs had added over 130 new skins to that were previously unattainable due to content being locked down or reworked over the years.  Included in this is 20+ new weapon skins that had game models patched in, but were never used.  Boase poses for 10 of these new skins below.

Datamined Butterfly Wings

These Butterfly wings are available live right now on the Rift Store.  however, here’s a high-rez datamined version of them, alongside the texture.  What is interesting, though, is that the texture includes 3 additional colors, and the one we have in-game right now is labeled as variant “d”, which means that there are or were plans to add 3 more colors of these wings into the game.  This is also the first time I’ve seen a single texture be used for what sounds like 4 different versions of an item.

New Eternal weapon passives

Finally, we have new Eternal Weapon passives.  It looks like passives and procs have been added for all tiers of the Eternal Weapons.  Below is a sampling of the fully upgraded versions of each, provided by Boase and Darkdaemon.


That is all for today! I expect March to be a fairly light month for Datamining given Trion’s schedule and how much of 4.1 is already set in stone.  The question is: will they start pushing out 4.2 assets now, or wait until 4.1 is live then start bringing 4.2 content to PTS?  Time will tell.

Ghar Station, signing off!

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